A classic expeditionary camp in a million acres of mammals.

When we first pushed into Katavi way back, no one had signed the park guestbook for a decade; camp was three bedrolls and a fire. We went feral in the freedom of being amongst such concentrations of beasts. Though we've upgraded since then, with comparative luxuries like showers and silverware - we stay faithful to how that felt, and our outpost still sits amongst the elephants, bellowing hippos and tamarind trees.

Large, airy, spacious and classic. Our six tents at Chada Katavi lie deep in the heart of Katavi National Park.

Visitors of all shapes and sizes join us in camp at Chada Katavi.

The location of our classic expeditionary camp in Katavi hasn't changed in 20 years.

The heart of the camp at Chada Katavi, raised decks nestle under the tamarind trees overlooking the vast Chada plains.

Breakfast with a view over the Chada plain and Chada Katavi; what more could you want?

Crocodiles aestivate in deep caves dug in the river banks in Katavi National Park.

Dinner under the stars deep in wildest Africa at Chada Katavi.

An epic moment captured right in front of camp at Chada Katavi.

Katavi has a special kind of magic that means that we live alongside wildlife as we weren't even there.

Dining al fresco in Katavi National Park. With so much space, why not?

Hippos throng to the available water during as the dry season progresses

Photo: Henrik Egede-Larsen

The big boys of the bush.

That heart-stopping feeling of being on foot with wildlife, on their turf.

At home in the wilderness.

Set out on foot in the late afternoon, pausing to watch life happening around you.


Enhancing lives at Chada

From enhancing dynamic careers to working with local communities and conservation projects, here are some inspiring stories from our camp in western Tanzania.

Photography intern trips in the west

Chada has hosted several intern photography trips over the years. Katavi is a photographers dream and ideal spot of wilderness for our interns to learn their trade with wide open plains, enormous herds of buffalo and not a human soul in sight.

Health & wellbeing

Medical outreach

Bringing bright smiles to the west

We hold dentist outreach clinics to the far-flung areas of western Tanzania where oral healthcare is hard to come by. Our dentist professionals visit schools outside Katavi National Park, as well as giving the Chada staff the once over. The professional team fly into Chada, use it as their base before spreading smiles across the remote areas of western Tanzania.

Life long learning & growth

Supporting schools

Teacher training in neighbouring schools

Using Chada as our base and Nomad vehicles for transport, we facilitate specialist teacher training workshops in the village schools surrounding Katavi National Park. The training aims to equip teachers with skills and tools to better cope with the harsh teaching environments they deal with daily.

The training was conducted by an education organisation from Arusha, The Foundation for Tomorrow. We’re delighted to join the dots for them and give them access to the remote schools in western Tanzania.

Conservation & environment

Supporting conservation partners

Support for the LCMO

Based in western Tanzania, the Landscape and Conservation Mentors Organisation (LCMO) supports communities around Katavi, running conservation, environment, and education projects.

We support the LCMO with intern programmes for conservation field work, fund seat on planes and beds in camp for them and we also invest in their village ambassador programmes.

Western Tanzania safaris

Our Western Tanzania camps bring a safari of extraordinary contrasts. Katavi is about remote, expeditionary safaris. Mahale takes you further off the map, to meet our chimpanzee cousins. Put simply, this is the pinnacle of life-changing safaris.


C. Richter

Review for sand-rivers

Magical Daily Experience

Oh wow! Beautiful, setting with great guest rooms. The food was incredible. Our guide Hussein was unbelievable. He has the eyesight of an eagle. Every day was a magical experience.

X. Li & A. Moss

Review for entamanu

Unforgettable Stay at Entamanu

From the visit to the caldera to the beauty of the lodge to the friendliness of the staff, our stay at Entamanu was unforgettable. We cannot wait to recommend it to our friends and family.

C. Finn

Review for mkombes-house

Magical Stay at Mykombes

Blown away by our stay at Mykombes house.
Couldn’t ask for better.
Ian our guide, found so many amazing sights to view, and shared so much knowledge with us, amazing man x
The house staff were so kind and attentive, and like friends xx
Babuu like a dad to us and loved him showing us stars early i...

J. Woods

Review for entamanu

Magical Place on Rim

Entamanu is a magical place on the rim of Ngorongoro Crater. From the lodge manager to the guide, and from the chef/kitchen/bar staff to the housekeepers, everything here was perfection. The meals were top-restaurant quality and the insightful and accommodating nature of Prim and his Nomad team were...

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