And so our mission is simple

To harness the power of Nomad to create life-enhancing opportunities.

Whether inspiring dynamic careers or supporting local suppliers, using our camps for medical outreach to funding free school meals, we know our business has the power to improve lives.

This ethos runs through every arm of the company, every detail and decision feeds into our positive cycle of empowerment and opportunity.

How it works

Life long learning
& growth

Supporting entrepreneurship

Investing in local talent with our innovative approach to provide funding and business support

Creating career paths

Using our business to help people forge new opportunities

Training and development

Provide our Nomad folk with every opportunity to progress and grow

Supporting schools

Helping local schools by providing school meals to teacher training

Wildlife education

Educate and inspire young minds to show the value of wildlife

& wellbeing

Medical outreach

Opening our camps to doctors, dentists, and other health professionals

Prioritising Nomad staff health

Everything from medical insurance to working conditions

& environment

Supporting environmental projects

Everything from planting trees to village clean ups and plastic recycling

Lightening our footprint

Looking after the environment one step at a time from camp design to cutting food miles

Supporting conservation partners

Working hand in hand with the experts to drive conservation goals

What we do

Life long learning & growth

Creating career paths

Poacher turned walking scout

Not only does his smile light up the world, but’s he’s a Nomad walking scout, on his way to becoming a guide. His incredible wilderness skills come from his previous life as a bushmeat poacher. We count ourselves very lucky indeed to have him among our Nomad herd.

Life long learning & growth

Creating career paths

Paulina’s journey to Lamai

Nomad sponsored Paulina’s journey through vocational training and an internship in camp – and she’s now a full-time part of the Lamai team.

Life long learning & growth

Supporting entrepreneurship

Askari and local ambassador at Lamai

Amos grew up in a village called Mbilikili. Life was challenging and poaching was often the main way of life. Amos seized an opportunity to join Nomad and is now one of many, empowered to give back to their communities.

Life long learning & growth

Wildlife education

Finding talent in key conservation areas

Living and farming on the edge of the Serengeti means human-wildlife conflict is inevitable. Kichawi is determined to help his family and community deal with the challenges that come from living alongside wildlife.

Health & wellbeing

Medical outreach

Life-changing treatment for Ebenezer

Living in a remote village on the outskirts of the Ngorongoro Crater means medical services are often unreachable. But this is where we can help. Because we met Ebenezer we can see the problem and get him the specialist care he needs.

Health & wellbeing

Medical outreach

Making the world a bright place

Mama Selena can no longer see words on a page nor read the bible in church, and this really matters. Living on the outskirts of Mahale means she has no access to specialist medical care, but that’s where we can help.

Life long learning & growth

Supporting entrepreneurship

Local produce with a light footprint

Mindful of our carbon footprint, we look to source supplies from as close to our camps as possible. This helps to give local farmers an income and provides us with fresh produce. It’s a win-win situation for us both.


people treated for eye conditions


young women provided in camp internships


invested in vehicle loans microfinance scheme

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