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C. Okada

Incredible Lodge Experience

The stay was so incredible that words cannot describe it adequately. The lodge is lovely and welcoming with breathtaking views. Everyone is attentive, kind, genuine, and clearly made the stay memorable. The crater was awesome with so much to see - scenery, flowers, birds, animals, mist, rain, sunsh...

C. Arnesen (S. Juelsgaard)

Honeymoon Dream Place

Can't imagine a better place to celebrate our honeymoon. You'll pinch yourself to make sure you aren't dreaming.

H. Edwards

Special Place

Mkombe’s House is a very special place and I’d like to shout it from the rooftops but also want to keep it to myself!

J. Stallard

Wonderful Temporary Home

We have had a wonderful few days at Mkombe house. We have a een incredible game and nature at its rawest. Coming back to our wonderful temporary home with comfortable beds, great company and lovely staff. Thanks in particular to Babu and Damien.

D. Fuller

Incredible Destinations

You must let Nomad guide your choice of camps. Over the past week we have passed through three of the most incredible destinations I have ever been to. Comfortably spaced apart so the journey to each was a wonderful adventure. March is also a fantastic time to go. Temperate climate, fresh mornin...

D. Fuller

Truly Exceptional Experience

This is a very very special place. Yes, the Ngoro is outstanding and world renowned, but to experience it in the company of the Nomad team makes it a truly exceptional experience. Their attention to detail, their wisdom, their passion and care and their love of each other left a mark on me like n...

H. Edwards

Choose Entamanu

If I could visit only one place for the rest of my life I’d choose Entamanu

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