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K. Bengel

Review for serengeti-safari-camp

Wonderful Camp Experience

Amazing experience in this wonderful camp

D. Reuland

Review for serengeti-safari-camp

"More Than Expected"

Our stay was more than we could have expected. Accommodations, food, safari's and staff were all excellent.

N. Peterson

Review for lamai-private

Beautiful Location, Great Viewing

Wonderful guides great at answering questions, wonderful hospitality, beautiful location great animal viewing

D. Reuland

Review for entamanu

Beautiful Location and Facility

This is a beautiful location and facility. The staff was excellent. I wish we would have had more time here. Perfect!!

R. Waterhouse

Review for lamai-private

Wonderful Accommodations

Very professional staff, gourmet dining, and wonderful accommodations.

K. M√ľnster

Review for lamai

Perfect Spot in Serengeti

If you are looking for the perfect spot to have the best view over beautiful Serengeti combined with great food and perfect service: Lamai is The Place to be!!

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