Find the gentle rhythm of nature on a walking safari of days gone by

Nomad’s expeditionary mobile is the embodiment of light-touch safari excellence. This small, private camp is old-school in all the best ways; light enough to accompany walking safaris in truly remote places, comfortable enough to be truly spoiling.

It’s a conscious step back to our roots as safari pioneers, because while the world may have changed, the things that make a safari exceptional haven’t.

Designed with exploration in mind, lightness of touch and mobility are central to its purpose. This means we can get into - and around - some of Tanzania’s least explored wilderness areas. Places where we have the freedom to be truly flexible. To be alone, but connected in ways we may have forgotten.

Early mornings in Ugalla

Light touch tents under a shady spot

Time to stop and stare

Old-school safari and simple pleasures

Watching the sunrise from your tent

Enjoy sleeping under a blanket of stars

A camp crew to look after you

Bucket showers and hot water on demand

African wilderness, all to yourself

Specialist Nomad guides to lead the trip

Views across the Serengeti

Walk in wild areas in the Serengeti

A crew you'll know by name

Making it all work seamlessly is your extraordinary camp crew, a team you’ll quickly know by name and, after days of exploring together, leave as friends.

Meet Prim, your guide

Walking safari guide for the last 15 years, Prim brings experience in spades. He found his love for the bush as a volunteer in Tarangire many years ago before working his way to becoming one of Tanzania's top walking guides.

Prim has a deep passion for exploration and believes walking is the ultimate way to do so. Your time in the bush will bring total immersion with nature and Prim will be with you every step of the way and will give you experiences that you will never forget.

Your camp crew

Your extraordinary camp crew is small but mighty and comes with every skill needed for bush life. You'll head off with an experienced cook that will create wholesome and delicious meals over the campfire, a waiter that doubles as bar attendant and finally a room attendant to make your time in the bush surprisingly comfortable!


V. Hua

Review for lamai

True Bush Experience

Lemai is simply amazing! Located at the northern part of Serengeti,they offer a true bush experience to guests. Staffs are so welcoming and service is top quality! You won’t be disappointed waking up to lions roaring:) will definitely return

J. Duval

Review for lamai

Would Come Back Again

I would come back again, it was that good!

A. and D. Friedlander

Review for lamai

Joyful Stay in Lamai

Our stay in Lamai was a joy, the staff went out of their way to make sure we were comfortable and the setting was matched by their care and understanding

W. Griggs

Review for entamanu-private

Incredible Nomad Entamanu

Nomad Entamanu at Ngorongoro was incredible! The views from the rooms, the food, the staff, and the guide all made for a truly unique experience.

D. Fuller

Review for entamanu-private

Truly Exceptional Experience

This is a very very special place. Yes, the Ngoro is outstanding and world renowned, but to experience it in the company of the Nomad team makes it a truly exceptional experience. Their attention to detail, their wisdom, their passion and care and their love of each other left a mark on me like n...

H. Edwards

Review for mkombes-house

Special Mkombe's House

Mkombe’s House is a very special place and I’d like to shout it from the rooftops but also want to keep it to myself!

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