Life changing experiences
at Greystoke

With no roads for a hundred miles, we follow chimpanzees on forest paths, and ply the crystal waters of a miraculous lake.

Chimpanzee tracking like nowhere else on the planet

Our main quest is always on foot to a wild living group of chimpanzees, whose complex social and political manoeuvrings are played out within a few feet of us. Their behaviour is interpreted by their greatest fans, our team of chimpanzee experts who can recognize each individual and the significance of every action.

Lake Tanganyika

This lake is a phenomenal natural habitat for us to explore. But we also pleasure-seek here, unashamedly: kayaking towards the Congo at sunrise, the unsurpassable feeling of diving off the dhow into its sunset waters and watching hippos moonwalk through the depths.

Life under the canopy

On winding forest trails, our guides show life beyond the chimpanzees; eight other species of primate alone, insects unseen elsewhere, a pharmacopeia of medicinal plants. Often you get just a flash of what’s in the shadows: the silhouette of a red-tail monkey, the scarlet wing of a turaco, the neon of a beetle’s back.

Get a view of village life in Katumbi

Get the feel of a Tanganyika village and see the work of the Nomad, with a visit to Katumbi on the park boundary. You can call in at the primary school, where we have built and furnished classrooms and installed solar power, and the community clinic, where we fund vital healthcare from first aid and midwifery.

Western Tanzania safaris

Our Western Tanzania camps bring a safari of extraordinary contrasts. Katavi is about remote, expeditionary safaris. Mahale takes you further off the map, to meet our chimpanzee cousins. Put simply, this is the pinnacle of life-changing safaris.


M. Charles

Review for greystoke

"Favourite Place on Planet"

Greystoke is my favourite place on the planet...say no more!

A. Ege

Review for greystoke

Magical Mahale Experience

Mahale is a magical place. Getting there by boat, being on the shores of Lake Taganyika and trekking in the jungle to see the chimps was a dream come true. Everything from the location, the staff, the food, the lodging, the guides all made an unforgettable experience. Go if you can…it will change yo...


Review for greystoke

"Looks Like Paradise"

Greystoke may not be paradise, but it sure looks like it!

K. & S. Clements

Review for greystoke

Special Wildlife Destination

Mahale is, without doubt, the most special wildlife destination we have visited. The talented, dedicated staff (shout out to Butati and Godfrey) bring chimpanzee society to life - and spending time with the chimps themselves is just breathtaking.

M. Bright Sean Cook

Review for greystoke

Beautiful Place, Amazing Staff

Such a beautiful place. Amazing staff. I couldn’t recommend a better place

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