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A bright future lies ahead for Amina

22 September 2023

Amina is a 14-year-old girl, she lives in Mamire on the edge of Tarangire National Park in Northern Tanzania. She loves school and loves learning.

But for a couple of years now her eyesight has slowed her progress in the classroom. She struggled to read small writing from a distance making it difficult to read the blackboard. This added a huge challenge for someone wanting to learn and do her best.

Due to financial barriers and distance to the nearest hospital, she was never able to see a doctor.

We met Amina for the first time at our recent eye clinic that we run as part of our medical outreach programmes – using our empty beds, logistical network, and our projects team to facilitate medical screening days in communities where vital medical services are not readily available. During the couple of days in Mamire the eye doctors spent valuable time in local schools teaching kids how to take care of their eyes and ran eye consultation clinics – screening over 300 patients!

Medical outreach mamire aug 23

After a full examination and eye test with our doctors, she was prescribed with a stylish new pair of glasses that mean she no longer needs to struggle in class. Amina is just one example amongst the people seen in Mamire but it’s clear to see that programmes like this make a real difference and can quickly make the world a brighter place.

Amina aspires to become a teacher and she is excited to pursue her dreams. We know Amina will go far – she has a quiet determination, a passion to learn and we are delighted to remove this obstacle along the way - she'll take care of the rest, no doubt!

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