Nature is a drink best taken neat. Being out there in the immensity of a Chada night, gives you gallons of this intoxicating liquor.

It’s a deeply respected tradition at Chada to escape from main camp and sleep out in the real middle of nowhere. It’s what we LOVE doing. There is no place in the world that feels like Katavi, and nothing gets you quite as close to that feeling than fly camping.

The trick is to leave as much as possible behind: stuff, other people, current affairs. This is your chance to see Katavi like we did before we had a “proper” camp. (Some may argue this is the "proper" camp.)

There’s a million wild acres of Katavi to head into, where humans hardly ever venture. Part of our skill is keeping you safe in such a wild place, the other is picking the perfect campsite, beside open floodplains, under the shadiest trees, for the widest stretch of night-sky.

Location unknown

Just somewhere hidden, deep in the park; the more out there, the better. We’ll choose our site for beauty, water, shade, and space. We’ll find somewhere we can look out from, across the many miles of wilderness; somewhere to see – and not be seen; somewhere to observe life from another angle.

Recommended Camps

A string of camps in some of the wildest places on the planet. A front row seat to the best wildlife in Africa. Backstage is the engine room for opportunity.

The concept we love

Fly camps are so-called after the fly sheet, from when explorers camped with no tents, just under a single tarpaulin for shade cover. They are the essence of safari, because as we strip away all but the essentials from camp, we free ourselves from other distractions, and retreat into Nature.

The less equipment the better

We’ve been fly camping since the very beginning, and we’ve turned it into a fine art. Just enough - but not too much - camp to be safe and comfortable: mosi-net shelters and comfy bedrolls, bucket showers hung in a makeshift canvas bathroom, a few chairs and little fold-up table. Job done.

Life-changing experience

But it’s not about the kit. Fly camps are like getting VIP passes to the wildlife, giving you total access as you walk and sleep in the open air. Chada is brimming with animal life: these days will just be you and your guides, in amongst elephants, herds of buffalo, hippopotami, lion and much more.


A. Del Punta

Review for mkombes-house

Fantastic Site Details

Nomad really has a fantastic site. Well taken care of in detail. For me it's fantastic

This doesn't match the format, but the best I can do is "B. & P. Dies".

Review for entamanu-private

Close to Crater Entrance

Great place to stay —close to crater entrance

A. Ballantine

Review for kuro

Great Camp, Excellent Team

Great camp in great location with excellent team looking after everyone. Wildlife also very good.

D.& T. Glover

Review for serengeti-safari-camp

Treated as Royalty

This camp is amazing. We were greeted by the entire team and always felt so special. We were treated as royalty. Hard to believe this is a mobile camp as it has all the comforts you could ever ask for.

E. Kirshenbaum

Review for serengeti-safari-camp

Above and Beyond Experience

The experience at Nomad is above and beyond. They made sure everything was accounted for with our stay. The staff is so welcoming and helpful, the food was delicious and the guide knowledge is incredible. Even when it rained heavily the camp was prepared with raincoats, umbrellas, and our tent didn'...

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