Nights out of camp and under the stars are our most complete expression of how Nomad relates to Wilderness.

It’s very simple. If you really want to connect with the African bush, just put yourself right out there. Because we know the bush, and we know what’s safe and what’s comfortable, we can make this happen. We desert the lodge and walk with you into the big beyond. The further we go, the deeper the wilderness, the bigger it feels.

At some point, we come upon our camp-out spot and home for one night. There’s a murmur of voices, the fire is lit. It feels secure and cosy, though we know that only the finest line is drawn between us and wild Africa.

In our fly-camps we strip away all but the necessities to get you as close to the Africa wilderness as you’ll ever want to be. We give you safety and comfort, a proper, sweet sleep under the stars, and a major bucket-list experience.

Miles from anywhere

Nomad could write a big book on “miles from anywhere”; fly-camping would dominate a couple of chapters. The point is to disappear…so we do just that, to some sweet spot near water like a sandy riverbank fringed with iconic Africa – trees full of monkeys, hippos snorting, fish eagles fixing you with their beady eyes.

Recommended camps

A string of camps in some of the wildest places on the planet. A front row seat to the best wildlife in Africa. Backstage is the engine room for opportunity.

Why fly-camp from Sand Rivers

Fly-camping is very, very Selous. Exploring this area means being witness to the natural world at it most secretive. No better way to do this than by stealing away with a Nomad naturalist guide to a hidden part of the reserve to see what we can see.

Less is more

Our needs, refined over our many years of doing this, are pretty simple: a bedroll, with fresh clean linens, laid out in a mosi-net tent; a swinging bucket converted into the best bush hot shower; something to sit on; something to eat off; a shady tree; a light breeze; and a night sky full of stars.

An unforgettable experience

You’ll feel a genuine sense of adventure, as you go further and further away from the lodge, and deeper into the bush. It will feel like shedding a skin. Daytimes will be exciting: observing larger mammals on foot. While at night, there will be peace and the night calls of the bush, by a crackling fire.


H. Heppenheimer & B. Heppenheimer

Review for serengeti-safari-camp

Fantastic Safari Experience

The safari with nomad was a great experience: fantastic guides, unforgettable wildlife observation, outstanding and unique staff

N. Van Siclen

Review for greystoke

Truly Magical Place

Greystoke and their staff is truly magical place. To meet and get a glance into the chimp community is an experience I will never forget! Thank you to all!

Camps visited:

U. Staiger

Review for entamanu

Memorable Safari Stay

Thanks to the entire team and staff for making our stay so very memorable. Safari, service, food, massage and the friendlyness.

J. Shaw

Review for greystoke

Stunning Sunsets, Pure Magic

Greystone Mahale is a gem! It’s western location on the shores of Lake Tankinyka provide a beautiful location and stunning sunsets. The entire staff is warm, friendly and professional. The observation and interaction with the chimps is pure magic! It is very clear that the guides and rangers deeply ...

Camps visited:

S. Lemke

Review for sand-rivers

Exceptional Place, Amazing Service

Sand River Selous is an exceptional place. The surroundings, activities and service were amazing! It is a camp that we will not forget and highly recommend.

D. Aguilar

Review for entamanu-private

Genuine Hospitality

I was awed not only by the place, but also by the warm service and genuine hospitality of the Nomad Entamanu camp staff.

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