Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti migration

2 nights in Entamanu, Ngorongoro | 3 nights in Serengeti Safari Camp
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Travel with your guide from Arusha to the Ngorongoro highlands

Your Nomad guide will collect you either from your flight or from your hotel in Arusha and you will set off together for the Ngorongoro Highlands. This drive takes you west along the Maasai Steppe. Ascending from the valley floor you will climb into the highlands, over the escarpment of the Great Rift Valley, and right up onto the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater.

Days 1 - 3

Entamanu Ngorongoro

At Entamanu Ngorongoro we define our version of this iconic wilderness. Our site allows us to drive down into the Crater soon after dawn and well before the crowds. Our guides, because they know wilderness is a pleasure best taken alone, are incredibly clever at avoiding people while showing you breathtaking wildlife. We love to walk, and walking along the Crater rim with our highly trained Nomad guides, an armed scout and a local Maasai it is a chance to learn about the smaller things, and the ancient Maasai culture. A visit to the nearby Maasai boma, to which we have exclusive access is an experience not to be missed.

Travel with your guide from Entamanu Ngorongoro to Serengeti Safari Camp

Wave an early goodbye to Entamanu Ngorongoro as you set off for Serengeti Safari Camp. Depending on the time of year you may fly to Serengeti Safari Camp, or drive your way down with your guide. This journey is one of our favourites in Tanzania. Descending off the Crater and onto the Serengeti plains gives you a real appreciation for the scale of this epic wilderness.

Days 3 - 6

Serengeti Safari Camp

Serengeti Safari Camp was the first of it’s kind. It was designed with a purpose in mind; to be in the best possible location to view the wildebeest migration as it covers hundreds of miles of the Serengeti each year. So it should come as no surprise that it really hasn't changed much since it's early pioneering days. This camp is all about our fabulous guides getting you right into the action. Be it the drama of a river crossing, the awesome breathtaking moment of seeing the herds stretch for impossible miles, or a huddle of cheetah cubs in the long grass we are in the thick of it.

Fly from the Serengeti to Arusha

After a leisurely breakfast, pack your bags and take a short last game drive back to the airstrip to catch your return flight back to Arusha and on home. This flight offers stunning views of the Ngorongoro Highlands and often passes directly over the Crater itself.

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A. O'Hanlon

Amazing Food and Staff

The food and staff were amazing and with this being our first trip to Africa we are so glad we made the choice to come and choose this location.

A. Bradley

Lovely Cosy Room

Can not recommend this lodge enough. Such a lovely cosy room, wonderful food and the most attentive hospitable staff.

Camps visited:

J. Hall

Fabulous Experience in Africa

Amazing experience with wonderful people. Highly recommend if you want a fabulous experience in Africa with quality service and unique experiences.

J. Rubin

Totally Relaxing Time

Only a short amount of time but totally relaxing

J. Mayerhofer

Unforgettable Experience

an unforgettable experience enabled by extremely kind and professional people

D. Fuller

Incredible Destinations

You must let Nomad guide your choice of camps. Over the past week we have passed through three of the most incredible destinations I have ever been to. Comfortably spaced apart so the journey to each was a wonderful adventure. March is also a fantastic time to go. Temperate climate, fresh mornin...

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