A week in Ruaha and Nyerere

3 nights in Kigelia, Ruaha | 4 nights in Sand Rivers Selous
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Fly from Dar es Salaam to Ruaha National Park

This is a beautiful flight, departing from Dar es Salaam early in the morning and passing over the vast wilderness that is Nyerere, over the Udzungwa Mountain range and down into Msembe airstrip in Ruaha National Park. The plane may take off and land at a few airstrips to collect and drop passengers along the way. You will be met at the airstrip by our guides and taken back to camp.

Days 1 - 4

Kigelia Ruaha

In one of Africa's biggest game spots, we explore. We have custom-built open game drive vehicles which are perfect for traversing the varied habitats of Ruaha. You can also get out on foot. Being on your own two pegs gives you a totally different experience. We're great fans of "going out" for breakfast and enjoying a sundowner in the bush. These things are rare treats on a safari and something that you wouldn't do back home, which frankly is the only reason you need for doing them. Whether you're out and about in an open game drive car, treading the game trails with your guide or wondering around the camp in search of birds, this is safari as its meant to be.

Fly from Ruaha National Park to the Nyerere National Park

After breakfast in camp, say goodbye to Kigelia, and head back to Msembe Airstrip to take a flight to Nyerere. On landing at Kiba Airstrip, another warm welcome and short drive to camp will see you at Sand Rivers Selous for lunch while enjoying the spectacular river view.

Days 4 - 8

Sand Rivers Selous

Days at Sand Rivers are about exploring. Our open-sided 4x4 vehicles are a great way of seeing things. For covering a bit of distance when that's what's needed. But, we like to retain spontaneity wherever we can. Often the best way to see things, to avoid scattering animals from the lakeshore, or spooking a herd of elephant as they feed, is to hop down and quietly work our way into a good position on foot. And the same goes for our boats. Being on the river is a fantastic contrast to time spent in a vehicle. All in all, days at Sand Rivers aren't about box ticking, or endless driving in search of the next animal. It's a sense of gradual absorption in this corner of the natural world that we'd love you to feel.

Fly from the Nyerere National Park back to Dar es Salaam

After saying goodbye to new friends in camp, our guide will take you back to Kiba airstrip this morning in time for your 45 minute flight back to Dar es Salaam.

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N. Andrews

Best Four Safari Days

Truly one of the best four days of safari I have experienced in THIRTY-THREE safaris. Exceptional guiding, the animals came to us, be patient.
Plus the food and welcome back at camp was always excellent.
Highly recommend Lamai.

Camps visited:

S. Siegel

Best Trip of My Life

I have traveled all over the world and this has been the best trip of my life. I can’t imagine a better computer to travel with. The food is great, staff amazing and beds are great.

D. Murphy

Singular Experience

Incredible location and staff. Singular experience.

Camps visited:

P. Clayton

Magical Stay

A magical stay

M. Wise & M. Spanjian

Stunning Space, Tremendous Staff

Lamai is more than you can imagine. Nestled in the rocks overlooking the rolling Serengeti plains each room (as well as public area) is genuinely stunning. Elegantly styled, each detail attended to- it is a perfect space inside and out. But more than a stunning space and landscape the staff at Lamai...

K. Hall

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Easy to navigate

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