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Nomad Tanzania was one of the first companies to offer mobile safaris in the Serengeti for those intrepid travellers who wanted as guaranteed chance of being as close to the wildebeest migration as possible. Years later, we're still out there doing it every day. Our Nomad Guides, many of who have been with us since the very beginning, are in the midst of the Serengeti action every day, and here are some of their reports hot off the press!

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Thu, Sep 21, 2017

Beasties in Bologonja

Migration Movements.

From early September the wildebeest have moved away from Nyamalumbwa and headed towards Lobo through the woodlands. Very few crossings were happeninig at that time, but we predicted they would turn around as their destination, Togoro Plains, looked pretty dry.

Mid September saw large herds of wildebeest come into Bologonja and Lobo from the Nyamalumbwa Hills, and many zebras headed into Togoro plains via Mbuzi Mawe. The last couple of weeks has seen short rains in the evenings, driving the migration towards these greener spots. 

Most recently the migration have been moving towards Bologonja ranger post, and others following the woodland to Ndasiata circuit which has also benefited from the recent rains.

Mon, Aug 14, 2017

The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side

The crossings have begun.

The Mara River is split up into different crossing points, all numbered, helping our guides and our Serengeti Nomad keep track of where the latest crossing is going on. A few weeks back the wildebeest were found crossing in large numbers at crossing points number 3 & 4, and more recently they are around crossing points 7 & 10. 

The migration is unpredictable and the wildebeest can make the crossing several times, moving back and forth between the Maasai Mara and Serengeti before they move on. With some short bursts of rain last week, the herds have been doing just that, and have made the crossing numerous times looking for the greener grazing spots. 

Wed, Jul 19, 2017

Migration in the North

Our Serengeti Nomad has been busy keeping track of the migration and updating us with all the latest news on the ground from the Serengeti plains. Direct from our Nomad Northern Guide, Nathan, he is hot on the trail of the herds as they make their annual trek across the Serengeti, and has put together a report of the migration movements so far this month.

Early July: The wildebeest and zebra arrived in large groups around the Lamai Wedge on the other side of the Mara River. Following some very brief rains, many of them moved towards the Tanzanian-Kenyan border. 

Early to Mid-July: the herds of wildebeest and zebras were on either side of the Mara River, looking for the best grazing spots and green grass. Some were seen crossing the Mara River at crossing point number 7. The herds tended to be moving down stream towards the Mara Bridge and the Kogatende Airstrip.

Mid-July: Taking their time before moving down, the herds could still be found in their hundreds around Kogatende. This is good news for the lion cubs in the area. With more food around for the mother lionesses to prey and feed on, the nursing lion cubs are likely to be stronger and healthier as a result, and there will be a higher survival rate among them.


Late July: The herds are still around the Lamai area in Northern Serengeti, and we are lucky that they have pitched up near our Lamai camp and Mkombe’s house, to graze on the grasses and make the most of the all-year-round underwater spring nearby. 

Fri, Jan 27, 2017

Rain on dry plains.

Good news today, we just had contact from our guides in Ndutu and they say it rained last night!

Looking at the forecasts this should last for a while, so fingers crossed.

Currently the migration is very scattered, while Ndutu woodlands are relatively green and there are some smaller herds, a lot of them are on the plains towards Kusini and Maswa, some even reaching North towards Moru, but with a couple of more showers they should all move back towards Ndutu in the next couple of days.

Mon, Jul 18, 2016

Thousands of wildebeest around Lamai

This came in from Clyde, our Manager at Lamai Serengeti, over the weekend.  "We have around 20,000 beasts in the Lamai area.... give or take a few thousand.  TANAPA and the Kenyan conservation authorities have burned quite extensively, which has affected the migration.  Most of the beasts are between our kopje and Mama Kent river moving towards Mara River; some have crossed the Mara but many have chosen not to as the other side is burnt and food is available around Lamai and surrounding areas.  Large numbers of beasts are migrating up from Central Serengeti and we expect their numbers to increase over the coming months.  Guests are fortunate to witness river crossing almost on a daily basis, however they haven't reached National Geographic scale - this is still to come (although this crossing photographed by Nomad guide Nathan Losaru was pretty impressive).  It's rained a bit recently and as the grass begins to shoot I expect the beasts will start to move again."


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