Conservation & environment

Food in Nomad Camps

13 April 2023

Delicious food is a huge part of the safari experience; be under no illusions, you aren’t going to lose weight on your safari. But nowhere should food miles matter more than in the bush, so sustainably sourced ingredients underpin all our menus.

We take huge pride in the dishes our chefs conjure up in remote wilderness locations, often against considerable odds; over the years they’ve tangled with everything from crocodiles in the kitchen to elephants helping themselves to the fruit and veg. But they always come up with the goods.

And like everything we do at Nomad, it’s not just the “what” that matters, but the “why”. In a time of global environmental crisis, we believe that using fresh, locally-sourced and organically grown ingredients to make delicious and creative dishes, is more important than flying in exotic titbits from far and wide. We believe this approach matters more and more - and we suspect you do too.

So we go out of our way to support small farmers in the immediate area of our camps, often helping them set up their businesses in the first place . This means we can travel a short distance to collect fresh local ingredients, supporting local communities in the process and - wherever possible – reusing food waste as compost at the same time.

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