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Life, Love and the Pursuit of Wilderness

Nomad Tanzania is one of East Africa's original safari companies. Over the years we’ve built a reputation for quality we’re proud of.

For the past 20 years we’ve owned and operated our outstanding safari camps in three of Tanzania's remotest corners. Our camps were the pioneers in parts of the country few people had heard of at the time, and fewer still had visited.  Since those early days, we’ve had an enduring obsession with Tanzania’s wild places and our promise remains giving you a truly original and exhilarating safari experience.


While our camps are a great source of pride to us, our motivation goes far deeper than simply providing places to stay. We are now living through what biologists are calling The Sixth Great Extinction, an absolutely critical era for the world’s flora and fauna. Year by year, we are intensifying our efforts to protect our wild Tanzania from harm, and so far, we are holding strong.  We firmly believe that tourism practiced properly is a driving force in conservation and this belief has dominated our business practice from the beginning.

It runs through every arm of the company: in where we venture, in what we do there, how we hire and empower staff and how we approach and work alongside local communities and conservation projects. We are also firm believers in the power of business to empower people in Africa.

When you come on safari with us, you are already supporting these efforts, and those of many other conservationists across Tanzania’s most fragile ecosystems. If we can make people incredibly happy and keep the natural world safe – then we’ve found our place in the wilderness.

As a company that was born from its love of wilderness, we take responsibility for its protection.

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As a local business with people at the heart of our operation we work to transform lives for the better.

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Nomad Tanzania is our people. Many of us have been together since the beginning, more than 20 years ago.

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