Nomad Biashara

As a local business with people at the heart of our operation we work to transform lives for the better.

Biashara means 'business' in Swahili and how we conduct our business in Tanzania is a huge part of what makes Nomad the company it is today. From inception, our founders have always believed in investing in local communities and providing opportunities for both our staff, and the wider community. From the way our camps are built and where we source and purchase our interiors, to our micro-finance model that is unique within our industry, we wholeheartedly commit to making sure that the impact Nomad has on the lives of people is transformative.

Sourcing locally, employing locally, training and up-skilling, and investing locally, these are the values that drive our business choices. In every arm of the company this is what we strive to achieve, and below are just a few examples of how we use our presence for good, making Tanzanian people our business.

Artisans and Good Biashara