As a company that was born from its love of wilderness, we take responsibility for its protection.

Nomad was founded on the belief that for us to make a meaningful contribution to the conservation of our wildlife, we must also take care of the needs of our people, making sure that it is them that feel the benefit from keeping wild places safe. In a normal season we put our safaris to work. We make use of our reach and logistics; planes, cars, camps and teams, to reach deep into some of the most remote parts of Tanzania with health and education outreach. We donate safaris to auctions to raise funds, all of the proceeds from our camp shops goes to our projects, and all of this is managed by a full time CSR Manager and supported by our camp teams. This all, for the moment, has had to stop.


While we are in lockdown, our wild places are quietly facing their own crisis.


As a community who love Africa's wilderness, we must urgently turn our attention to the pressing issues facing our National Parks, wildlife, and remote communities. We need your help to make sure we have a wilderness for us to return to when this is all over. We all have a responsibility to look after it, as well as the people whose lives are so intertwined with its protection.


We've set up a fund.


Asante sana, thank you, for your support.

It means the world to us and we can't wait to have you back on safari with us soon.

We need your help...

to make sure we all have a wilderness waiting for us when this is over.

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How we support and raise funds



Treating yourself has never been more rewarding. We have pledged 100% of the profits made in our camps through massage treatments and shop purchases to our projects and partners.



Wherever possible we give projects access to our logistics and camp infrastructure to provide transport, space in camps and support from our guiding and camp teams.



We make it our job to highlight deserving projects to our clients. These projects are all doing invaluable work towards safeguarding the future of the Tanzania we know today.



Nomad Tanzania covers absolutely all administration costs of running these programs, meaning that it can pass 100% of its donations to the projects we support.

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Nomad Initiatives

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Partner Projects

What we have achieved

Here are some of the highlights of the work done by the Nomad Trust over the last season.



We have donated over $10,000 towards the removal of six tonnes of snares collected within the Serengeti. This vital program is making a serious dent on the illegal trapping and poaching of wildlife in one of our most significant ecosystems.


This season over 60 deserving children have worked hard for a place on our student safaris as part of our 'Watoto Go Wild' initiative. They went on safari, had conservation lessons, career guidance, and heaps of fun with our superb Nomad guiding team.


We've hosted thirteen community conservation films in local villages which reached over 5,000 people with vital environmental and conservation themed messages.

1000 BOOKS & 80 DESKS

80 classroom desks have been donated to the local primary school we support in Katumbi. Class sizes are a huge challenge for rural schools. Donating desks helps ensure that children can learn in comfort and can concentrate on their lessons. 1000 books have been purchased ready for two new library hubs in Katavi. Learning resources are a major challenge in remote schools, and can really help boost a child's performance and education.

OVER 150

For many years we have run nursery morning porridge "Meal-A-Day" program for more than 150 children in Katumbi, near Greystoke Mahale. For these children this is their most important meal of the day and is vital in their early development.

8,500 TREES

We've supported a team who have planted 8,500 trees as part of the ‘Green Mpimbwe Campaign’ around Katavi National Park.


As part of our health outreach program, four children from remote villages were flown to Arusha to receive reconstructive surgery at The Plaster House.


Fifteen ex-lion killers join the new village ambassador group in one of the communities of Katavi. The group act as community conservation ambassadors, helping to deter lion-killing traditions that are considered a show of strength and bravery.

639 GOATS & 38 COWS

Building bomas that will protect 38 cows and 639 goats from predator attacks. Boma fortification really helps mitigate lion attacks on livestock in village around Ruaha.

The Trust Report

Download the Trust Report

How you can help

Your contribution is an invaluable step towards preserving Tanzania for our future generations.

How you can help


Just by spending time in our camps you make a difference. By paying park and concession fees per night you safeguard the future of our wilderness.

How you can help


Be it an hours massage, a couple of t-shirts or other keepsakes, whenever you treat yourself in our camps you can rest assured that 100% of the profit goes to the our projects and partners.

How you can help


Your donation would make all the difference. If you would like to make a donation to one of our initiatives or projects please email [email protected]

Nomad Trust passes 100% of all donations to the projects it supports.