Taking education beyond the classroom, we run programs that focus on building the foundations of better educated and more environmentally aware communities. Here are some of our projects that your donation will support.

Nursery & Nutrition

In many villages bordering Tanzania's National Parks, it is not common practice for children to enrol in any pre-school program. Children from remote communities may not start any formal education until as late as 6, 7 or even 8 years old. Knowing the importance of an early start to learning, we invest in nursery centres and meal-a-day programs to give children the best possible start on their education journey.

School supplies and infrastructure

Rural village schools bordering National Parks have, on average, class sizes of over 100 students. We help stock these schools with extra classrooms, much needed books and learning resources, desks, libraries, toilets, and teachers accommodation. Improved learning environments help to increase student retention and performance levels.

Scholarships and learning opportunities

We sponsor a handful of bright students to go onto secondary school, who would otherwise not have had the chance. Investing in Tanzania’s future teachers, doctors and other skilled individuals will help families, and communities take a step away from poverty. We also offer internships, training programs, and vocational courses for motivated young Tanzanians.

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