Making sure lessons fit lives.

Nursery & Nutrition

In many villages bordering Tanzania's National Parks, it is not common practice for children to enrol in a pre-school program. Knowing the importance of an early start to learning, we invest in nursery centres and meal-a-day programs to encourage attendance, and give children the best possible start on their education journey.

Scholarships and Internships

Through our partner projects, we identify bright young Tanzanians who need our help and we fund their education through our scholarship program. We also provide opportunities through internships within our camps, providing first hand experience in the tourism industry, and aiming to offer as much full time employment as possible.

Educating communities

We work with our partners to support their own education initiatives in their communities, particularly those focused around sustainability and conservation. We also make sure we provide learnings such as compost training, that not only improve health and wealth for individuals, but that can also be shared within a community.

The Conservation Conundrum: Putting People First.

Our motive for living a life in pursuit of wilderness goes beyond epic safaris.

We believe that for us to make a meaningful contribution to the conservation of our wildlife, we need to take care of the needs of our people, always making sure that it is them that feel the benefit from keeping wild places safe. Please watch our film, it tells our story, and the story of the people whose lives have been made better because you choose to come on safari with Nomad.

Thank you.

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