We believe that our Nomad neighbours should share in the benefits that come from tourism. Making them our business, we work to improve the basic healthcare resources found in some of these remote villages many in Nomad call home.

Plaster House Outreach

We partner with a home in Arusha that enables children from all over Tanzania to receive and recover after corrective, orthopaedic, plastic surgery and neurosurgery, as well as rehabilitative post-op care. We link up with The Plaster House by running outreach programs in communities near our camps. Sadly many children with disfigurements are hidden from society by their families. We help bring them out into the open and bring them to The Plaster House.

Clinic meds and resources

We support rural village clinics with essential medicines, access to child vaccinations, and mosquitos nets for needy families in cutoff communities, and much more. One extra patient bed can make the difference between a woman giving birth in the clinic, or going back home. A treated family mosquito net can dramatically reduce the chance of malaria among children. We work with local clinics to run outreach programs and take valuable health services to the more marginalised and vulnerable members of the community.

Health education, awareness and rights

We promote health education, running awareness campaigns to spread health education and equip communities with the knowledge to protect themselves against common health challenges. Doing this has a far reaching impact and goes right to the root of mainly common but avoidable health problems. Basic sanitation, proper and safe water use, postnatal care and child nutrition, are just some of the topics covered.

The Conservation Conundrum: Putting People First.

Our motive for living a life in pursuit of wilderness goes beyond epic safaris.

We believe that for us to make a meaningful contribution to the conservation of our wildlife, we need to take care of the needs of our people, always making sure that it is them that feel the benefit from keeping wild places safe. Please watch our film, it tells our story, and the story of the people whose lives have been made better because you choose to come on safari with Nomad.

Thank you.

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