Merenga School & Clinic

Villages on the outskirts of National Parks are often supporting their communities on very little resources and run down facilities, and Merenga is no different. Located on the north western border of the Serengeti, this is our closest neighbour from Lamai Serengeti and Mkombe's House. With some of our camp staff members originating from the area, we want to do our bit towards helping the school and its 1000+ students improve their learning environment, as well as support the clinic with urgently needed medical supplies.

Currently we are building an extra block of toilets in the school, supplying educational resources and helping stock the clinic with medicines.

Guest donations of supplies form a significant part of our support in Merenga. 

Are you staying with us at Lamai Serengeti or Mkombe's House?

Get in touch if you'd like to know more about how you can get involved when you come out on safari. 


Provides school stationery and teaching aids for one class
Provides a new school uniform and school shoes for five students
Supplies the clinic with basic medical supplies for malaria and water born diseases
Buys a solar panel and fridge for storing essential medicines