Landscape and Conservation Mentors Organisation (LCMO)

Based in Western Tanzania, the Landscape and Conservation Mentors Organisation (LCMO) works with the communities around Katavi National Park, running conservation, environment and education projects. 

LCMO works on building the relationship between local communities and the wildlife around them. They promote people and wildlife coexistence by establishing village ambassadors and running youth clubs. Bee-keeping, bird-watching, tree-planting, open-air movie nights and dancing festivals are just some of the ways they introduce environmental education which promote sustainable alternative livelihoods. We have a very close relationship with LCMO, and besides arranging interns for conservation field work and finding them seats on planes when we can, we invest in their youth club and village ambassadors programs.

We continue to support the different initiatives of LCMO, knowing that our help is equipping future generations with the knowledge of environmental challenges and skills for sustainable approaches to living in these wild areas.

If you're coming on safari with us to Chada Katavi please get in touch if you'd like to know more about how you can support and engage with the work being done by LCMO. 


Funds one environmental youth club event: birdwatching, tree planting, and discussions
Supports the monthly allowance of one village conservation ambassador
Funds the screening of a conservation show in three villages
Pays for 25kgs of tree seeds and materials for tree planting