Life changing experiences
at Serengeti Safari Camp

As a guest of our migration camp, you’ll get intelligent guiding and ringside seats for one of the greatest wildlife shows on the planet.

The migration

In 4x4s, surprisingly un-disturbing to the animals, you’ll join the ultimate crowd scene. Wide shots are hard to believe, plains dotted with creatures as far as you can see. In close-up, a host of dramas of hunters and hunted will unfold, to be etched on your memory: moments of conflict, peace, excitement, even comedy.

The river crossings

This northern part of the Serengeti is bisected by the perilous Mara River, where once a year, between July and October, over a million-strong wildebeest and zebra throw themselves across its crocodile-infested waters, heading for where the grass is greener. This makes for spectacular predator and prey viewing on the banks in the late dry season.

Calving season on the southern plains

Every February in mid-February, the herds descend on to the short grass plains of the southern Serengeti and Ndutu area to give birth. In an event that is quite extraordinary, 400,000 calves are born in the space of a few weeks. But the wildebeest are only one part of the experience, as numerous predators follow the herds and look to prey on the vulnerable new-born.

Great and small

Out on the plains, there inevitably are show stealers – lions with cubs, cheetahs stretching their legs, hyenas bickering. But it’s often the cameo roles that fascinate - dung beetles, dik-diks, bee-eaters… Our Nomad naturalists will engage in it all, for a more complete, educated take on the whole ecosystem.

Northern Tanzania safaris

Our Northern Tanzania camps are in enviable locations that mean we can take you deeper into this epic wilderness and create life changing experiences.


S. Bright

Review for serengeti-safari-camp

Amazing Setting and Experience

What an amazing setting and experience this camp is. Wonderful staff and amazing wildlife.

J. Carter

Review for serengeti-safari-camp

Incredible Nomad Experience

We have just had the most incredible experience and the Nomad team just brilliant on every level!

S. Bessant

Review for serengeti-safari-camp

Another Level Camp

This camp is on another level! You'll have the full experience of sleeping among the animals in a tent but you'll also feel like you're staying in a top hotel while enjoying incredible hospitality from the team. Absolutely brilliant.

G. Zanon

Review for serengeti-safari-camp

Magical Time Here

Family of 5 with young kids (6-10). We were extremely well taken care of and had an absolutely magical time here! Looking forward to our next time :)

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