The Plaster House

The Plaster House is a home in Arusha that treats children from all over Tanzania with corrective, orthopaedic, plastic and neuro surgery for disabilities such as cleft pallet and club foot, as well as provide the necessary rehabilitative post-op care. Sadly many children with disfigurements are hidden from society by their families. We run outreach programs in communities near our camps to raise awareness on health problems suffered by many children in secret, and work with the families to understand their disabilities, and ultimately get them to The Plaster House for treatment. Children from as far away as Katumbi near Mahale National Park left their villages for the first time, to fly 500km to Arusha for life changing operations, where they stayed for six weeks until they were well enough to return home.

If you'd like to know more and perhaps sponsor the treatment of one of these children, please get in touch.


Brings a child from anywhere in Tanzania to The Plaster House for treatment