Plastic-free camps

Minimising our impact on our environment and on the wild places where we are fortunate to operate is of utmost importance to us, and is something we address constantly. The issue of plastic usage is a very important worldwide conversation at the moment, and rightly so. We are committed to reducing our single-plastic usage across all of our operations, and are working towards being single-use plastic-free in the not too distant future. 

So far we have banned single-use plastic from our cars and camps. From the moment we welcome a guest on safari with us, they are given a stainless steel water bottle, which they can then refill with filtered drinking water from glass dispensers in the main mess area of our camps. During game drives, we recycle wine bottles from our camps and fill them with filtered water for your time in the bush and ensuring the use of plastic bottles in our camps is non-existent. We have absolutely no straws in our camps, and have replaced cling film with re-usable containers to keep food fresh. 

Back in the rooms, we provide our guests with amenities like shampoo, conditioner and lotions. These are all stored in refillable aluminium bottles, and are all natural and organic – so very gentle on the fragile ecosystems where we operate. 

Finally over in the camp kitchen, the team are working hard to reduce all plastic packaging used on items going into our camps. At the moment all veggie and dry goods are delivered to camp in cardboard boxes, wrapped in newspaper or brown paper. All the rice, sugar and flour are delivered in large hessian sacks and stored in air tight containers in the kitchen. The last remaining issue we have is the safe transportation and storage of meat, but we are looking at ways in which we can do this without needing to use vacuum packed plastic - watch this space.