Watoto Go Wild

Tanzania's children have a vital role to play in the preservation of it's wild places, and we believe that it's not only right, but imperative that they experience the magic of their own natural heritage in order to feel invested in keeping it safe for future generations. As part of our Nomad Initiatives we run our 'Watoto Go Wild' program where we welcome local school children into our camps. Working with local schools we identify top performing students to join us, and give them the chance to learn first hand the type of career opportunities in tourism, as well as have a few wildlife lessons from our experienced Nomad guides during a game drive. For many of them it is their first time in the park, and to see wildlife up close, and without the complication of conflict which is often the case when wildlife enters villages surrounding the National Parks. The days are full of fun and learning and are often a huge highlight for the children that make it onto the program. We run approximately 50 trips a season and look forward to continually expanding this program. 

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Takes a group of students on safari