Life changing experience in the wilderness

Designed with exploration and walking safaris in mind, lightness of touch and mobility are central to its purpose. This means we can get into - and around - some of Tanzania’s least explored wilderness areas.

This camp is the ultimate way for a group of friends or family to get off-grid in little known areas of Tanzania. The experience is adventurous by its very nature, but much of the pleasure is the gentle rhythm that establishes itself on your safari.

What's this all about?

Wake with the dawn, walk in the cool of the day, rest in the heat and simply soak up being in a truly wild environment.

At night you’ll eat under the stars before drifting off to sleep to the sounds of scops owls and nightjars. And yes, you might wake with a jolt of adrenaline as a lion’s roar rips into the darkness close by. And in that moment you may even ask yourself why you’re doing this. But as the sun rises and you relish your early morning coffee, you’ll say to yourself. “Isn’t that what it’s all about?"

Camp locations




Ugalla: September to October

Ugalla National Park is a hidden gem on the safari circuits but offers the chance to explore an area of Tanzania that before this has remained out of the question.

A proper old-school, mobile safari in Ugalla is an experience not many people can boast and is a hugely exciting prospect for the right person. During the dry season the river attracts a range of wildlife and birdlife and with varied terrains throughout, Ugalla seems to be a perfect spot for exploration.


Serengeti: November to June

10,000 square miles of the greatest wildlife spectacle and this is your chance to walk amongst it all. Nomad has always had a particular attraction to this kind of wild, this is where it all began.

This is an experience like no other that will get you into spectacular, untouched areas of this vast national park. The routes and walks will be decided by your walking guide and they’ll lead the way into spectacular spots, with no one else in sight.


Ruaha: July to August

Ruaha is superb for walking - the varied and vast landscapes with sweeping sand rivers and swathes of woodland mean that there is abundant wildlife and revelations around every corner. In Ruaha, we have the freedom to explore these diverse tracts of habitat.


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M. Ereshefsky

Review for lamai

Incredible Place

This place is incredible. From the location to the food to the staff- everything is amazing. Our only regret is we weren’t able to stay longer!

F. Vrijhoef

Review for entamanu-private

Mind-blowing Tanzania Trip

Back home we wanted to express our gratitude for the great organization of our trip to Tanzania. It has been a truly mind-blowing experience for us that we will not easy forget!! We highly enjoyed the professionalism and kindness and good food of the Nomad organization (Entamanu & Serengeti safari c...

I. Castellano

Review for lamai

Fantastic Well Run Camp

A fantastic, very well run camp with an extremely attentive staff, in a magnificent setting

V. Shah

Review for entamanu-private

Magical Place Entamanu

Entamanu is a magical place situated on the top of the crater. The care taken by the staff is exceptional. The lodgings are luxurious and the facilities are expansive to meet ones needs. The staff took care of our dietary needs and were accommodative to our needs. Everything you need is taken care o...

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