What's better than a camp that moves to be in the best spot?

A safari on foot with our expeditionary camp is driven by what's best - location, weather, wildlife - so we aim to do just that throughout the year.

From August to October camp heads to the lesser known but stunning national park of Ugalla - a park in western Tanzania where you may not see another soul and you'll certainly be one of the first names in the guest book. Ugalla offers superb walking terrain and varied wildlife at this time of year.

When the rains arrive out west, camp moves to the more familiar territories of the Serengeti plains as we prepare for the arrival of the herds.

August - October

November - February

March - April

May - July

Ugalla National Park

  • Remote park in western Tanzania, only a handful of visitors each year
  • Ugalla River at its centre – wide, slow-flowing with elaborate loops and oxbow lakes
  • Rich in wildlife with all the major species from Elephant, buffalo, leopard plus rare Sable and Roan antelope
  • Easily connect with our camps in the west with twice weekly flights
Prices from $1,400 per person per night
August - October

Eastern Serengeti Plains

  • Varied and undisturbed area with rolling plains, river lines & kopjes
  • Excellent resident game but firmly on the migration route with thriving lion prides
  • Ideal way to connect southern plains with the rivers of northern Serengeti
Prices from $1,400 per person per night
November - February

Gol Mountains & Salei Plains

  • Wide sweeping valleys & dramatic cliffs
  • Green season dispersal area for wildebeest with their young calves
  • Plains come alive with flowers, shrubs & birdlife
  • Remote Maasai country, excellent for cheetah & wild dog
  • Easy access to the Olkarien & Sanjan gorges
Prices from $1,400 per person per night
March - April

Western Serengeti

  • In May, this is the perfect area to catch the wildebeest rut as they migrate off the plains
  • June and July becomes the heart of the migration corridor including crossings of the Grumeti River
  • Ideal connection between Moru & the southern plains and the Mara River
Prices from $1,400 per person per night
May - July


K. Mcginley

Review for kigelia

Wonderful Stay in Ruaha

Wonderful stay in Ruaha. Ken and the staff were kind and very helpful. We loved the tents with front porch swings and water hole to watch critters during the breaks from game drives. The drives were exciting- we saw ostrich, leopard, kudu, lions, zebras and much more!

M. Fernández Estavillo

Review for entamanu

Magical Lodge on Edge

Nomad Entamamu is a magical lodge on the edge of Ngorongoro. The tents are beautiful and special, and the staff made every moment special.

A. Nicholson

Review for entamanu-private

Beautiful Hidden Location

Beautiful hidden away location amongst the trees. Lovely large airy tastefully decorated rooms. Close location to crater entrance meant with an early start we had a very peaceful viewing of the wildlife. Lovely food and attentive and friendly staff. We really enjoyed our stay.

M. Murray

Review for entamanu

Wonderful Place

If you are fortunate enough to have an opportunity to stay here, take it - it is a wonderful place!

S. Maender

Review for kuro

Amazing Tent Accommodation

Don’t hesitate to book! We celebrated my 50th birthday and camp Kuro was an amazing experience! The tent accommodation is really nice the bed was comfortable and sheets and blankets very plush! Showers were warm I don’t know how they do it!!! Loved the delivery of fresh brewed coffee with a wake up ...

S. Carlson

Review for kigelia

Great Camp Experience

i had a great experience at the camp and in the drives around the national park, the food was amazing and healthy, the staff is very welcoming and kind, very good service

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