The Ngorongoro Crater offer phenomenal game viewing throughout the year, but particular seasons offer their own special highlights.

Entamanu sits on an extraordinary site in the sharp air of the highlands and there’s nothing tame about this location – the high-altitude sun has some real heat, and the wind can be biting and sometimes noisy. We’ve taken up the challenge to create a camp that makes the most of the extraordinary view while providing warmth and shelter from the elements, while being entirely removable.

The Crater itself takes on a life of its own when it comes to weather patterns. With an altitudinal range of 960m to 3,648m, its climatic zones range from semi-arid to montane forest, and there is often a remarkable difference between the conditions on either side of the Crater, and particularly between the rim (often cold and foggy in the mornings) and the crater floor which is much hotter and often clear. Temperatures on the rim can drop to around or below freezing so warm clothes are a must throughout the year, and it can get windy at Entamanu particularly in July and August.

As its own little microhabitat, the Crater includes a variety of small ecosystems, a saline lake, swamps, plains and forests - and all this supports a population of about 25,000 mammals and an impressive number of bird species. Most of the wildlife never leaves the Crater floor and it has a well-earned reputation as one of the most epic wildlife experiences in Africa. It can get busy with vehicles on the Crater floor, but our location on the rim means we can beat most of the crowds onto the Crater floor in the mornings, and retreat back to our remote corner of wilderness to explore on foot or venture further afield to the less famous but equally impressive sites such as Empakai and Ol Moti.

January – February

March – May

June – October

November – December

Excellent birding and clear skies

Wildlife is generally fantastic throughout the year in the Crater. The Big Five are all here to be seen if you are lucky. During the wetter months the water levels in Lake Magadi rise and attract impressive flocks of lesser flamingos.

This is usually a time of dry weather between the short rains of November and December, and the long rains of April and May. Warm sunny and clear days, with cooler temperatures at camp on the Crater rim, especially if it does rain.

Prices from $1,190 per person per night
January – February

Lush green scenery

The 'Long rains' start towards the end of March, and it is when we receive the most rain. Most days will rain, but it very seldom lasts the whole day. Temperatures are around 21°C/70°F on the Crater floor and as low as 6°C/43°F on the Crater rim.

Prices from $820 per person per night
March – May

Migratory birds start to arrive, wildlife gather around waterholes

Wildlife is generally fantastic throughout the year in the Crater. As the season dries out so does the grass on the Crater floor making spotting the more elusive beasts like the serval easier.

The next couple of months are generally warm with afternoon temperatures around 19°C/66°F on the Crater floor. Days are sunny, with cloudless skies. It gets cold at night so warm clothes are a must.

The short rains could start towards the end of October.

Prices from $1,190 per person per night
June – October

Excellent birding

Wildlife is generally fantastic throughout the year in the Crater. The Big Five are all here to be seen if you are lucky.

The 'short’ rains usually occur anytime throughout November and December. Showers generally happen in the afternoon and are relatively short lived. Temperatures are warm during the day and can drop considerably at night.

Prices from $820 per person per night
November – December

Northern Tanzania safaris

Our Northern Tanzania camps are in enviable locations that mean we can take you deeper into this epic wilderness and create life changing experiences.


H. Edwards

Special Place

Mkombe’s House is a very special place and I’d like to shout it from the rooftops but also want to keep it to myself!

T. Cozzens

Amazing Staff, Food, View

Best place we stayed in for all of Tanzania and Kenya. Amazing staff, food, accommodations and view of the crater.

Camps visited:

K. Dickinson & R. Inglis

Excellent Crater Rim Drive

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Entamanu, Ngorongoro! The environment, service, food, guiding, animal and bird viewing, Maasai boma experience and crater rim drive was excellent!!

Camps visited:

D. Fuller

Truly Exceptional Experience

This is a very very special place. Yes, the Ngoro is outstanding and world renowned, but to experience it in the company of the Nomad team makes it a truly exceptional experience. Their attention to detail, their wisdom, their passion and care and their love of each other left a mark on me like n...

P. Kennedy

Superb Service

A wonderful experience with superb service

C. Faulkner

Better Than Dreamed

Our trip with Nomad was better than we ever dreamed it would be. The camps were so comfortable, the staff so friendly and helpful and the guide so knowledgeable. We saw everything we had hoped for and more. Thank you Nomad. We will be back

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