Life changing experiences at Lamai

We fulfil the promise of the Serengeti many times over – by car and on foot – in these remote, less-travelled short grass plains.

The river crossings at the Mara River

This remote part of the Serengeti is bisected by the perilous Mara River, where once a year, between July and October, over a million-strong wildebeest and zebra throw themselves across its crocodile-infested waters, heading for where the grass is greener. This makes for spectacular predator and prey viewing on the banks in the late dry season.

Bush walks in northern Serengeti

We love to walk and here we have a rare and special dispensation to do so in a national park. When the grass is short and safe to move through, we slip out of the lodge, where small valleys, river lines and rocky kopjes make for frequent changes of scenery...and provide perfect cover for approaching wild animals.

Green season at Lamai, the step back in time safari

The green season is quite simply our favourite time of year in Northern Tanzania. Gone is the harshness of the dry season, replaced between December and May by a time of extraordinary richness.

Year-round game viewing

What is less known about this part of the Serengeti ecosystem are the very healthy concentrations of lion, leopard, and buffalo to be seen all year round. With expert guides and rugged 4x4s, you’ll head out into the plains for big mammal discovery, and fantastic photographic opportunities.

Northern Tanzania safaris

Our Northern Tanzania camps are in enviable locations that mean we can take you deeper into this epic wilderness and create life changing experiences.


J. Cook-Ortiz

Whole Package Experience

If I’m ever lucky enough to visit Africa again, I will definitely go with Nomad. They are the whole package. You experience luxury, but they are environmentally responsible and do good things for the surrounding communities. I truly felt like I was part of something special

Camps visited:

R. and C. Gehringer

Unbelievable Beautiful Camp

An unbelievable beautiful camp with a team who try to offer you a one-in-a-lifetime-experience. Awesome good food, excellent service, fantastic guides! And the camp itself is wonderful embedded into nature!

A. M. Downey

Stunning Setting in Africa

The most wonderful hosts , great food and the most stunning setting in Africa

Initials: M. Bondallaz Wavre

More Recent News

Not much time to answer but I am often going on your site and would like to have more recent news of is happening (people, nature, etc)

T. Bletsoe

Charming Camp, Amazing Views

Lomai is a charming camp nestled among the bushes and rocks of a hill with amazing views. Small wildlife coexists with the camp and adds an air of the wild. We went in late February which I'd highly recommend; the animals were fat and happy and without the migration around we found two black rhinos ...

Camps visited:

M. Fernández Estavillo

Magical Lodge

Nomad Entamamu is a magical lodge on the edge of Ngorongoro. The tents are beautiful and special, and the staff made every moment special.

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