Life changing experiences at Lamai

We fulfil the promise of the Serengeti many times over – by car and on foot – in these remote, less-travelled short grass plains.

The river crossings at the Mara River

This remote part of the Serengeti is bisected by the perilous Mara River, where once a year, between July and October, over a million-strong wildebeest and zebra throw themselves across its crocodile-infested waters, heading for where the grass is greener. This makes for spectacular predator and prey viewing on the banks in the late dry season.

Bush walks in northern Serengeti

We love to walk and here we have a rare and special dispensation to do so in a national park. When the grass is short and safe to move through, we slip out of the lodge, where small valleys, river lines and rocky kopjes make for frequent changes of scenery...and provide perfect cover for approaching wild animals.

Green season at Lamai, the step back in time safari

The green season is quite simply our favourite time of year in Northern Tanzania. Gone is the harshness of the dry season, replaced between December and May by a time of extraordinary richness.

Year-round game viewing

What is less known about this part of the Serengeti ecosystem are the very healthy concentrations of lion, leopard, and buffalo to be seen all year round. With expert guides and rugged 4x4s, you’ll head out into the plains for big mammal discovery, and fantastic photographic opportunities.

Northern Tanzania safaris

Our Northern Tanzania camps are in enviable locations that mean we can take you deeper into this epic wilderness and create life changing experiences.


A. and D. Friedlander

Review for lamai

Joyful Stay in Lamai

Our stay in Lamai was a joy, the staff went out of their way to make sure we were comfortable and the setting was matched by their care and understanding

V. Hua

Review for lamai

True Bush Experience

Lemai is simply amazing! Located at the northern part of Serengeti,they offer a true bush experience to guests. Staffs are so welcoming and service is top quality! You won’t be disappointed waking up to lions roaring:) will definitely return

D. Wells

Review for lamai

Best Guide Ever

Great people, great views and best guide ever in Raj of the Serengeti!!

Camps visited:

A. Duffy

Review for lamai

Memorable Personal Service

Our stay at Lamai from start to finish was made memorable by the personal service of all the staff. Laz our guide couldn’t have possibly been any better. Ellie looked after our every need. Highly recommended to anyone that is considering going on a safari holiday - this is the place to book!

Camps visited:

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Review for lamai

Dream Come True

Lamai Serengeti is a dream come true. Amazing wildlife, and a pristine landscape stretching as far as the eye can see. Lovely staff that make you feel at home.

A. Siegel

Review for lamai

Loved Every Minute

Wonderful staff excellent facility we loved every minute of our stay.

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