Understated style with light touch brilliance, welcome to Lamai

To see and not be seen on this sacred site was a huge challenge, but we took that where nature leads, beauty and style would follow. And so it did.

Lamai’s open fronted bedrooms are peppered around Kogakuria Kopje, a tumble of giant boulders that stand proud above the northern Serengeti grasslands.

Main area





Main area

Lounge about with an open fire

Our lounge is designed with community at its heart. We love for our guests to become friends and share their life-changing adventures.

Main area

Fully stocked bar

The beating heart of the camp complete with upcycled landrover seats and bar stools. Very cool!

Main area

Character and style

Comfy sofas and shaggy lampshades that adorn Lamai’s lounge are made by a lady named Eliza. She is a local basket weaver whose talent was spied by Jo Cooke, Nomad interior designer extraordinaire. Jo worked with Eliza to perfect her design and workmanship, and now our camps are filled with pouffes, placemats and woven wonders of all sorts. Not only do they represent local craftmanship, but they also support a mother who can now send her children to school.

Main area

The big reveal

The moment you walk down the steps into the main area and the Serengeti reveals itself, is a moment you won’t forget.


Views across the Serengeti

Each room makes the very best of incredible views across the Serengeti and towards the Masai Mara.


Space and light

Sunday afternoon, sunshine pouring into your room, a light and airy space from which to sit mesmerised by a million miles of wilderness...


Room with a view...

Lamai Serengeti is perched on a kopje that looks out over what feels like all of Serengeti.

It's all action down at the river, with wildebeest launching themselves across the water - but up here, one can behold it all from above.


Sung as a bug

Our kid’s rooms have two comfy single beds and an interconnecting bathroom.


Showers to wash away safari dust

The showers at Lamai are set up to give you hot water on demand.


Open to the wild

We like to give you every opportunity to lookout and who wouldn’t want to watch creatures great and small while brushing their teeth?


Ensuite and made for two

each room has an ensuite bathroom complete with double sinks.


Dine under the stars

Fancy joining us for supper beneath the star, serenaded by the sounds of the wild…?


Dining in style

Relaxed, informal but full of style and safari tales.


Dinner is served

With panoramic views, delicious food and safari tales in full flow, surely the perfect evening?


Time for a cool off

This is the perfect way to send an afternoon at Lamai. You’ve heard of room with a view well this is pool with a view!

Lamai sticks its head above the rest both literally and figuratively.

Lightening our footprint

How Lamai was built

Our mission here is to be the guardians of this magnificent sacred kopje and create a lodge that did no harm here was no mean feat. The camp was meticulously designed to mould to the kopje and blur lines between nature and us.

Supporting entrepreneurship

The Serengeti’s most stylish camp

Lamai has an understated style that combines light-touch brilliance with resourceful creativity. Beautiful furniture and artefacts are made by skilled Tanzania artisans while one-off pieces discovered in remote markets across Tanzania are painstakingly upcycled. We are scrupulous about working with local suppliers, so everything is made or sourced in-country. The light-filled rooms channel immense views of the Serengeti while remaining all but invisible to the outside world. This is all about treadling lightly. Seeing, but not being seen.

Family friendly

Lamai Private is hard to beat if you’re traveling with your family. The small and intimate lodge is right at the heart of the safari action, so days are filled with adventure; the Mara River crossings are just a couple of miles away while the area is a hotspot for resident lion, leopard and rhino plus endless other species of bird and animal. Retreat to the lodge during the heat of the day and you’ll find the perfect place to kick off your shoes and relax while enjoying incredible views over the Serengeti. A dedicated team, wonderful fresh food, drinks galore, comfortable sofas, sun decks, open rooms. All the ingredients for every member of the family to have the perfect holiday.

Key details


June to mid March


separate lodges


open-fronted rooms


rooms in main lodge


rooms in private lodge

All with verandahs and views


A. Kothari

Review for lamai

Incredible Experience

A must stay! Incredible experience with the kindest staff who will do anything to make the trip special. Truly one of a kind.

Camps visited:

A. Markha

Review for lamai

Best Properties Ever

Lanai Serengeti is one of the best properties I’ve ever stayed at. The rooms are spacious and comfortable while being almost seamlessly intertwined with the surrounding nature. Everyone on staff from James the manager, to the guides, chefs, servers, night watchmen, and housekeeping is not only amazi...

Camps visited:

C. Williams

Review for lamai

Impeccable Experience, Quality Service

Impeccable experience, quality of service, cheerful, knowledgeable and helpful staff, and most importantly the expertise and enthusiasm of our guide, John.

Camps visited:

D. Hurt

Review for lamai

Simply The Best

Highly recommend anyone to stay and visit any of the Nomad range of camp - simply the best, always my first choice.. thank you Nomad Tanzania!

V. Hua

Review for lamai

True Bush Experience

Lemai is simply amazing! Located at the northern part of Serengeti,they offer a true bush experience to guests. Staffs are so welcoming and service is top quality! You won’t be disappointed waking up to lions roaring:) will definitely return

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