Our charming bush camp in the heart of elephant country

An understated little nest, woven of sisal, thatch and canvas, designed with true bush intelligence and a sensitive heart.

Main area




Main area

Time to relax

This is such a characteristic scene: the warmth from outside, lush green bush and all at one with the wild.

Main area

A bush camp of old

Six safari rooms designed to fill with light and immerse you in your surroundings


A wake up to remember

As the bush chatter begins, you wake up to a magnificent sunrise and safari scenes, all from your own comfy bed.


The feel of Kuro Tarangire

Tucked away, blending into the bush, thoroughly at home in its surrounds... and all in all, a pretty lovely launchpad for forays into this wonderful patch of wilderness.


A base for the family

Summer hols put us in mind of a family escape where kids can be wild and free with the wild and free things... and, tucked away at our Kuro our family room is just the spot for some private safari perfection.


Practical yet beautiful

All bathrooms have a flush toilet, sink with running water and indoor and outdoor bucket shower.


Designed for minimal impact

Made sure that the shampoos, conditioners, soaps, lotions we provide in our camps are made of all-natural ingredients...


Authentic safari shower

There is something quite invigorating about showering in the open air. Our camp crew deliver hot water on demand and leave you to enjoy an epic sunrise shower.


Safari suppers at Kuro

The table is set, the candles are lit, the feast is ready... wherever you may be in the world, welcome to dinner in the wild.


Open sided and airy

Our Kuro mess is relaxed and informal, full of delicious food and safari tales

The hugely respected Nomad Tanzania…have chosen to build in an area of acacia trees and kigelia trees...six large canvas tents stand in a line that traces the run of the river and are spaced to ensure privacy...they are also equipped for comfort, with hot bucket showers and enormous beds

Stylish bush camp

Our Kuro is small and intimate, with a cosy mess area that draws inspiration from the Maasai. This is a classic bush camp of old – intelligently designed, nurturing, light of foot and at one with nature.

Designed and made with love

Kuro has an enchanting light touch style that brings together brilliance with resourceful creativity. Our interiors are made by the hands of skilful Tanzania artisans whether it be an ottoman clad in cow hide or a sheepskin rug, everything comes together to create a light and immersive space. There is always somewhere to curl up with a pair of binos to watch to wild world go by.

Key details


June to mid-March


light and airy safari rooms


family safari room

All with ensuite bathrooms and bucket showers, inside and outside

All with private verandahs and views



and over


J. Sweetman

Review for kuro

Elephants Roaming Close

Fantastic location with elephants roaming so close. Comfortable accommodation, friendly staff and wonderful intimate meals under the stars.

J. Berdahl and C. Nielsen

Review for kuro

Surprise Treehouse Breakfast

The surprise treehouse breakfast down by the river on our anniversary was amazing. Seeing a lion on the walk to this breakfast was icing on the cake. Seeing so many wonderful animals (elephants, giraffe, zebra, monkeys, dik dik, impala, eagles) up close right from the porch made every day special. T...

B. Wavre

Review for kuro

More Recent News

Not much time to answer but I am often going on your site and would like to have more recent news of is happening (people, nature, etc)

G. Friedlander

Review for kuro

Diamond in the Rough

This lodge was the diamond in the rough. We couldn’t have asked for anything better for staff to accommodations to the luxury living and not to forget the exceptional meals.

Camps visited:

W. Pretsch

Review for kuro

Kuro Team Special

The Kuro team made us feel special at a level found only at the worlds finest Ritz Carlton hotels, and the photos on their website really are that magical in person!

P. Chandran

Review for kuro

Amazing Stay at Kuro

We had an amazing stay at Kuro!
Could see so many animals just outside our tent and the evenings around the campfire were fun. So many stars to see as well.
The meals were excellent and hospitality exceeded expectations!
We would highly recommend Kuro camp.

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