Life changing experiences at Kuro

Our Tarangire means getting in step with nature and the elephants and going deep into its natural world

Lazy afternoons in Kuro’s elephant treehouse

We’re in such a sweet spot here, that you don’t really have to do anything but wander out of your tent for full-on wildlife. Being on a game corridor, not far from the river, we are besieged by animals - elephant, antelopes, buffalo - and birds. All seem to feel the camp is their backyard, not ours (to be fair, they’re right).

Bush walks in Tarangire

A striking quality of the African bush is the soundtrack: a cacophony of trills, hoots, snorts and rumbles; this amplifies when walking quietly through the bush, in the hope of seeing game up close. We’ve special permission to walk in this park, a total privilege for those seeking a greater connection with the wild.

Game drives in elephant country

Our guides drive you out into big country. This means waiting as elephant families cross the track, slowly weaving along riverbanks looking for lions, watching leopard asleep in giant baobabs, and scanning the great swathes of elephant grass for big herds of buffalo. There’s nothing small about these days.

Bush dinners under a million stars

Perfect supper scenes from Kuro Tarangire and the perfect way to end an epic day on safari in Tarangire. Eating under stars serenaded by the sounds of the wild.

Tarangire by night

As a special Nomad treat, we can drive after sunset and uncover the night creatures of the park. Often the first sign that something is out there, is a pair of eyes shining in the dark; it could be anything: a porcupine, a zorilla, a hyena loping home. This time too is when you learn how quietly an elephant treads.

Northern Tanzania safaris

Our Northern Tanzania camps are in enviable locations that mean we can take you deeper into this epic wilderness and create life changing experiences.


L. Love

Culture of Hospitality

You’ve created a culture of hospitality at Nomad that is not only outstanding, but also fun, thoughtful, inclusive, sustainable, humble. How rare and wonderful! Thank you!

L. Burnett

10/10 Incredible Accommodation

10/10 on every front! The staff, experiences, food, incredible accommodation! Wow! Would stay here again and again!

J. & S. Rice



R. Kennedy

Unforgettable First Class Experience

You cannot go wrong with Nomad Entamanu. An unforgettable experience with all the comforts you could want. Absolutely first class.

J. Gessmer

Professionally Managed Camp

Very professionally managed camp, very sophisticated, dedicated and informative guides and very attentive service! Highly recommendable!

J. Poole

High Above Crater

Amazing place high above the crater. Impeccable attention to detail. Loved every minute!

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