Life changing experiences at Kigelia

Ruaha is wild, expedition country - join us on our daily safaris of discovery here, from a little camp in its remotest reaches.

Game drives

You get a tremendous feeling of anticipation when you’ve grabbed cameras and shades, and left camp with a Nomad guide, in our open vehicles. Who knows what we’re going to find, but for sure there’ll be moments of excitement, fascination and peace amongst the great beasts and herds of Ruaha.

Bush walks

There’s no better tree to hug than a baobab, with their strangely human form. Smooth bark - dust scented. The crevices are home to reptiles, bats or owls. Round the trunks lie crunchy shells of their furry seeds, lemony to taste. It’s only when you walk, that you find this out -and many, many other things about the bush.

Just be

Big days out in the wilds can be very big - all that excitement, sun and dust - so we’ve made sure our little camp is a haven of rest and relaxation. Miles from anywhere, it’s as quiet as can be, except the slosh of water into your bucket shower and the sounds of the bush. No shame just to hang back and take it all in.

Southern Tanzania safaris

This is all about experience. A safari spent in the game rich plains of Ruaha, and the endless wilderness of Nyerere, the south is hard to beat.


S. Piedrahita

Perfect 3 Days

Lamai was the perfect 3 days in the Serengeti surrounded by the most incredible team that made every day special and different and full of surprises. The lodge was so comfortable and the rooms were beautiful, relaxing and filled with amazing products! I could not recommend it more!

I. M. Kripp

Want to Remain Here!

Just want TO REMAIN here!

A. Piedrahita

Lamai is a Dream

Lamai is a dream. The service was exceptional. We felt so at home with the staff. They anticipated our every need. It was a very special stay and we highly recommend the Lamai.

Initials: E. Caliskan

Best Option for Tanzania

Incredible experience. Best option for Tanzania!!!

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