One of Tanzania’s most thrilling parks, where East Africa meets Southern Africa yielding a melting pot of wildlife.

Ruaha is one of Tanzania's most exciting National Parks, not to mention the largest park in the country. Ecologically this area sees the meeting of the Eastern and Southern African biomes, resulting in a melting pot of species unlike anywhere else in Africa. This is most exciting for birders, as many southern and eastern species can be found here. Ruaha is beautiful; plains interspersed with baobab forests, hidden corners of woodland and dry snaking riverbeds criss-crossing the park. The dry season runs from June to the end of October and this time sees herds of buffalo gathering in their hundreds, followed close behind by impressively large prides of lion; Ruaha is home to 10% of Africa's lion population so they are never too far away.

When the rains arrive in November the park is transformed. The grass bursts to life shortly after the first rains fall, and the trees and shrubs begin to flower. Many antelope species have their youngsters over the rainy season, making the most of the abundant food in the park. Birding is at its best with many migratory species arriving and donning their impressive breeding plumage - an incredible array of startlingly bright colours flitting through the bush.


July to August

September to October

November to December


Dry season approaching

As the bush starts to thin, we see the big herds beginning to form as the buffalo move south and the elephants come down from the highlands. In pursuit of the buffalo come the lion…this is the richest time of year for wildlife viewing.

The rains have come to an end but the vegetation usually remains green and beautiful for a short while before leaves start to fall in July. Still temperate but beginning to cool slightly.

Prices from $675 per person per night

Dry, warm, and superb game-viewing

Dry season and wildlife congregate along rivers. Herds of hundreds of buffalo elephant are not uncommon, nor are leopard, lion, and cheetah. Walking is easier and the dry riverbeds often make useful pathways through the bush.

The trees have now mostly shed their leaves. This is when the roan and sable venture down from the highlands, so these next two months present the best opportunity to see these rare antelope.

Dry and warm with almost no chance of rain.

Prices from $720 per person per night
July to August

Warming up into October, great game

While the Ruaha River flows year-round, it’s at its lowest in Sept/Oct and the hippo pods may be more concentrated now. This is still a great month for Ruaha’s speciality: elephant, plus herds of buffalo and growing prides of lion.

The weather starts to warm up now and the landscape has assumed its dry mantel.

October is the hottest month in Ruaha, but also possibly the most intense for wildlife. The diminishing water and green vegetation encourage game to congregate along the still- green river lines and the birding is also excellent.

Prices from $720 per person per night
September to October

Return of the rains but wildlife still excellent

The bush will not green up for a while through November so it’s a great month to view wildlife and birds alike as they congregate around available water sources. Walking is good in the latter part of the year as the grass is short, though you can expect the odd shower.

The rains return this month, normally early in the mornings, and it can be humid in the afternoons.

Prices from $675 per person per night
November to December

Vibrant colour, full of life

Best season for migratory birds and flowers – a spectacular display of vibrant colour. Baobabs are covered in new leaves and flowers the rivers are in spate. Elephant move to higher ground and disperse. Still a good chance of seeing resident species

Warm with a good chance of heavy rain, often punctuated by sunshine. Can be hot during the day.

Prices from $675 per person per night

Southern Tanzania safaris

This is all about experience. A safari spent in the game rich plains of Ruaha, and the endless wilderness of Nyerere, the south is hard to beat.


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