Katavi has two vastly different faces.

Our dry season, which runs from June through to end October, gets more and more intense as the temperatures rise. As the season progresses, the river - life blood to so many of its animals - starts to dry up; the pools and watering holes fill up with pods of hippo almost stacking up on top of each other to try and get into the water. The savanna grass is golden, and the sunsets are dusty, the heat shimmers like a mirage over the plain. This is Katavi as raw and real as it can possibly be, and when Chada comes into its own.

The rains usually come mid-November and go through until early June. Katavi then undergoes a complete transformation. Almost as soon as the first rains hit the ground, everything goes green; long green and lush grasses sprout from what was just dry and cracked earth. The rivers flow again, the pools overflow and there is space for all. It's a birders paradise as all the migratory birds flock back. Grass as high as an elephant’s eye, but there is still so much to see. Chada closes for the main part of the rainy season.







Still green, wildlife starting to gather

Beautiful green bush after the rains and plentiful food for the wildlife which is starting to return to the plains. Grass can be long so viewing can be more challenging.

Pleasant temperatures - warm days, cool nights.

Prices from $825 per person per night

Wildlife converging in open plains

Bush starting to thin out and a wide variety of species congregate on the open plains, making for great game viewing.

Drying out, starting to warm up. Still cool in the early mornings and evenings.

Prices from $1,075 per person per night

Great variety of wildlife

Wildlife competes for the available water and the bush is dry and grass low, ideal for walking.

Wildlife often on the plains or taking refuge from the heat of the day in the treeline.

Hot days, warm nights and dry.

Prices from $1,075 per person per night

Peak game viewing time…

…as wildlife gathers around available water and food pressure increases. Large pods of hippo fight for territory and crocodiles start to aestivate in riverbanks.

Middle of dry season - hot days and warm nights, surface water thinning out.

Prices from $1,075 per person per night

Game gathering in larger numbers

Vast hippo pods and dozens of crocodiles are a unique Katavi phenomenon at this time of year. Otherwise, great month of big game and walking.

Hot and dry. Clear skies ideal for nights out in the fly-camp.

Prices from $1,075 per person per night

Possibility of the first rains

First rains start to ease the pressure on the water and food while still offering great opportunities for big game viewing.

Generally hot and dry with the possibility of first rains.

Prices from $825 per person per night

Western Tanzania safaris

Our Western Tanzania camps bring a safari of extraordinary contrasts. Katavi is about remote, expeditionary safaris. Mahale takes you further off the map, to meet our chimpanzee cousins. Put simply, this is the pinnacle of life-changing safaris.


F. Braga

Review for entamanu-private

Amazing Staff

Incredible place with amazing staff.

R. Willmer

Review for kuro

Magical Place, Awesome Staff

This is a magical place. The staff are awesome and the scenery fantastic. The camp is very well run and the rooms comfortable with great views. Well done everyone at Kuro

M. Perez

Review for lamai

Unique Serengeti Experience

Lamai is a unique place in the middle of Serengeti. You feel completely integrated into wildlife while relaxing in a wonderful camp with excellent service. Our kids also had a unique experience and could also enjoy in the swimming pool. The family room is charming and has outstanding views.

J. Scarcello

Review for sand-rivers

Lifetime Experience of Nature

We travel a lot and so we can say truthfully that time at Sand Rivers was a once in a lifetime experience of nature , of hospitality and of Tanzania
Thank you

S. Maytek

Review for entamanu

Amazing Stay at Camp

Had an amazing stay at the camp. The rooms are very comfortable, and the view is stunning. Everyone was very nice and very they made sure every little details were taken care of.

Camps visited:

S. Maender

Review for kuro

Amazing Tent Accommodation

Don’t hesitate to book! We celebrated my 50th birthday and camp Kuro was an amazing experience! The tent accommodation is really nice the bed was comfortable and sheets and blankets very plush! Showers were warm I don’t know how they do it!!! Loved the delivery of fresh brewed coffee with a wake up ...

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