Life changing experiences
at Chada

Prepare to have your mind blown amidst some of the greatest concentration if large mammals in the world.

Fly-camping at Chada

Sometimes the simplest things in life are the most enriching for the soul. Fly-camping is a wonderful surprise, that brings so much to your safari experience. Escape from main camp and sleep-out in the real middle of nowhere.

In the rivers

We see crocodiles and hippopotami everywhere here. As the season progresses and the rivers dwindle, crocs skulk into mud caves or pile themselves brazenly under shady trees. The hundreds of hippos are forced together in ever smaller wallows. Tensions erupt. Sometimes only the strongest of them survive.

Bush walks into untouched wilderness

The wide-open spaces of the Chada flood plains with extra wide-angle visibility make for a unique brand of rambling. At times you can feel impossibly insignificant against backdrops of golden grass, distant herds of buffalo and piercing blue skies. Yet again, we redefine the meaning of a walk in the park.

Free wheeling

Very few people or vehicles ever come to stay in this park. The park rules, too, are more relaxed, so our cars are how we like them best - fully open to the air. All this brings with it a huge dose of almost old-fashioned safari freedom, and a special sense of intimacy with this extraordinary natural environment.

Picnics on the plains

Why head for cover, when the open-air is so good? We love the eccentricity of rounding a bend in the river to find a fully laid breakfast table and steaming cups of coffee, in front of a pool of hippopotamus. While sharing picnic lunch, as we watch elephants crossing the plains, is as high octane as dining can be.

Western Tanzania safaris

Our Western Tanzania camps bring a safari of extraordinary contrasts. Katavi is about remote, expeditionary safaris. Mahale takes you further off the map, to meet our chimpanzee cousins. Put simply, this is the pinnacle of life-changing safaris.


R. Newkold

Review for entamanu

Perfect Rooms and Service

Best location on the crater for quick (first into the park!) access to the crater. Rooms and service were perfect.

P. Kilty

Review for entamanu

Memorable Tent-based Lodge Stay

We did not know exactly what to expect at Nomad Entamanu, as this was our first tent-based lodge stay. We were immediately swept up in the enthusiasm of the team welcome, and the wildlife that surrounds the camp.

Our time here has been amongst the most memorable of our lives - from the assorted wil...

Camps visited:

A. Gill

Review for kuro

First Safari Stop

This was our first stop on our safari and we are so thankful it was. The staff was so kind, caring and wonderful that it made us feel so comfortable - even halfway across the world. We cannot wait to return!

A. Mele

Review for serengeti-safari-camp

Incredible Experience at Camp

We had such an incredible experience at this camp. You really feel like you are immersed in nature. The guides and staff at camp could not be nicer and more accommodating. It is truly a one of a kind place. Being able to see the migration of Wildebeest and calving was an amazing experience. We hope...

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