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Introducing the Nomad Film Unit

12 June 2024

Nomad is a company full of stories. Many of them go way back to the early days, when everyone came together; a collective of like-minded souls bringing with them safari strands of the Serengeti, the then Selous and the wild west of Mahale and Katavi.

Over twenty years on and we, as a company, continue to explore and reinvent ourselves. This not just in how we see safari and the areas where we operate, but also with an innate understanding and appreciation of the people who joined in those early days - and are still along for the ride - to the newer Nomads who found us along the way. All have impacted in so many different and wonderful ways and we are who we are because of them.

We are lucky to operate in some of the most iconic locations throughout Tanzania, areas that we know and love - we’ve been in and around them for longer than most – and our footprints are embedded, both physically and mentally. We care deeply about the future of these places and those who reside in them. With this comes the realisation of how much of what we do impacts everyone, those with us and those around us. It’s not just our guests who join us on safaris, experiencing the best of these areas, seeing wonderful wildlife and taking fabulous safari tales home with them, but also our people helping to bring this to life, as well as the communities in these areas where we work.

Think of this in the context of stories, old and new, and how do you even begin to bring them to life? At the start of 2024, we formed a new team within Nomad, dedicated to just this: our own Film and Media Production Unit tasked with seeking out and capturing a wide variety of stories from life in our camps, with guests and camp staff, to shining a light on those whose lives run alongside ours in so many different ways.

The Nomad Film Unit on location

Two like-minded souls took on the task and they bring a unique mix of decades-long visual storytelling experience and a new fresh eye and keen talent, both with a great love for what they do – be it photography or video footage – and an ever ready-to-go bag of camera kit and microphones. Either at our base HQ in Arusha, or all over the length and breadth of Tanzania, they’re seeking out the things that are important to us. We’ve turned the camera on to members of our staff, some who have worked their way up with a strong dream and a mission in mind; we’ve also found extraordinary characters out in the communities that we partner with. Either in short form documentary, or in social media reels and stories, we’ve loved being able to capture the things that are important to them, and the messages they want to tell.

We have a mantra, often repeated: Talent is Everywhere, Opportunities are Not, and it’s through this lens that the Nomad Film Unit works. It’s a simple mission, we tell the stories of how Nomad has the ability to impact lives and create these life-enhancing opportunities and we find people who might not otherwise have the chance to be heard and give them a voice.

Real stories, real impact

Enjoy this selection of the below video and images, all captured and filmed by our Nomad Film Unit.

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