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If you were to visit only one place in the Serengeti, it should be here.

The story of a rock kopje in the northern Serengeti, and daily life in the Serengeti's best new camp hidden within it.

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Tue, Aug 16, 2016

The Lamai Pride

We have been following the adventures of this pride for over a year now.  Last year 13 cubs were born to four or five females, which surprised us – so many cubs for one pride at a similar time is unusual.  We were very excited and have enjoyed watching the little ones grow up.  Another surprise was 11 of the cubs survived the year and are now naughty teenagers strutting around Lamai, their turf, like princes and princesses.  Lamai is a veritable paradise for them, with plenty of food all year round and varying terrain, which offers suitable/beneficial hunting grounds.  We often watch them from the lodge as they lounge around on rocky outcrops in the distance as they spot suitable delicacies for dinner.  At night we hear them calling to each other, which also serves to warn the local hyena clan on the western side of our kopje to stay clear and not to disturb them as they start hunting.  It’s quite usual to fall asleep amongst thunderous roars echoing into the night as they wrestle dinner to the ground.

The pride is now around 20 strong and would be more, however a couple of young males and a few females have broken off to form another pride to the south of us.  This year we have seen four more newly born cubs and look forward to watching them fit into the family dynamic.  It’s a privilege to witness the growth and success of the Lamai pride and we look forward to introducing you to them in the future.  See y’all soon.

Wed, Jul 27, 2016

A Perfect Safari

A Perfect Safari

What makes a perfect safari? Of course it’s the amazing people that make it happen, delicious food an comfy beds, however at Lamai we believe in balance: a well-rounded and diverse experience which incorporates an element of relaxation.  Of course each guest is unique and safaris are tailored to their needs.  In this respect managers, guides and general staff listen attentively to requests, desires and aspirations in order to personalise each safari. 

From the get go (on arrival) it’s important to highlight on what experiences/activities are on offer, setting a tone and allowing the information to settle in, thereafter it’s up to our guests to decide what suits most.  Usually safaris are three to four days and as such diversity and options for different activities is a must.  We offer walking safaris where guests are accompanied by a National Park ranger, Nomad scout and guide; game drives; sundowner options; balloon safaris; and chilling out at the lodge while watching the local wildlife come and go. 

Walking safaris are a personal favourite of mine, allowing for a different perspective of the Serengeti; down on the ground looking at all little things usually unnoticed in a vehicle.  Viewing game at eye level is a treat and a chance to stretch ones legs is a welcome break from the usual ‘safari shuffle’ in our land cruisers.

Game drives vary in duration and departure times, leaving early or late, short or long, it’s entirely up to guests and what they want to see.  Fortunately, game viewing at Lamai is spectacular with diversity at every turn, which is offered up by our guides (the local experts) knowing animal territories and where they like to hang out.  Options of meals at the lodge or out in the bush add a nice touch, there is nothing like sitting in the middle of a herd of wildebeest or at the edge of a river watching hippos and crocks do their thing while munching on a bacon and egg sandwich.

Lamai has a couple of sundowner options, one of which is a short walk, leaving from the lodge to the top of our kopje, which offers a 360 degree viewing point – spectacular.

Balloon safaris are always a hit, leaving early in the morning to catch the sunrise as you float over the Endless Plains and landing to be greeted by a champagne breakfast in the bush.

In short, a combination of driving, walking, meals in and out of the lodge, a balloon safari, relaxation at the lodge and a sundowner make the perfect safari – or whatever you heart desires.

Thu, Jul 14, 2016

Monkey Business

Monkey Business

We have two troops of resident primates at Lamai.  The naughty vervet monkeys and the gangster baboons.  The baboons run things and the vervets’ are allowed to forage as long as they don’t encroach too much on gangster turf.  For the most part they keep to themselves, but still manage to provide us with endless entertainment.  

The vervets’ tend to hang out at the pool, lounging around on the sun loungers, seemingly waiting for margaritas.  Play and mischief is at the fore of their agenda and they never seem to tire.  The baboons are more sedate and hang around like bodyguards, keeping watch for intruders and alerting each other of any potential threat with the odd bark echoing through camp every now and again.  Where the vervets’ are quite amicable amongst the troop the gangsters seem to squabble quite often over turf, which is accompanied by squeals of dismay and some rough and tumble. 

We enjoy having them around, especially when the baboons join us for sundowners, like us a beautiful sunset is appreciated and it seems they never miss one, staring out over the Serengeti like philosophers deep in thought.  That said, we have lost quite a few cushions and a bottle of gin went missing the other day….. you never know.

Mon, Jun 20, 2016

Birds of Lamai

Birds of Lamai – because we know you love them

Tanzania is a birders paradise, with well over a thousand recorded bird species you can’t be disappointed – ornithologically speaking this is the golden pot at the end of the rainbow.  Conservation areas occupy between 30% and 40% of the total area of the country; its habitat diversity and expanse allow for the impressive diversity in fauna and flora, an environment in which our feathered friends thrive.  This is the reason, natural beauty and richness, that accounts for the over $2 billion in annual income due to Tourism in East Africa. 

A safari with Nomad ending at Lamai will not disappoint as our camps stretch from one end of Tanzania to the other, covering all habitats and thus all bird species.   Below are some bird photos shared by some of our guests (Lamai) over the past year.  We hope you like them. 

See ya’ll soon.

The Lamai Team

Thu, May 26, 2016

A New Season

Getting Ready

Rainy season has almost run its course and we are back in camp getting things ready for another exciting season.  Painting, scrubbing and rebuilding what the elephants knocked over.  All hands on deck in anticipation for a very busy year.

The rains have brought fertility, everything is lush and green.  The animals are fat and healthy with quite a few babies in tow.  It’s a pleasure to be back in the serene Serengeti after an extended break, the fresh air and constant activity brought on by high biodiversity is welcomed after the London underground…..

Here are some of favourite photographs from last season to get you in the mood for your upcoming safari.  As you will see game drives are spectacular in the Lamai area, our guides are top class and rarely disappoint – they know the area so well!

See ya’ll soon.

The Lamai Team 


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