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If you were to visit only one place in the Serengeti, it should be here.

The story of a rock kopje in the northern Serengeti, and daily life in the Serengeti's best new camp hidden within it.

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Tue, Jan 26, 2016

The Endless Plain

Ahhh, the magical Serengeti!  I never tire of breathing it in and soaking up its essence.  These pictures don’t do it justice, you have to part of it to experience the magic. 

Miles and miles of seemingly endless plains that extend far beyond the horizon; quiet, untouched, unpolluted virgin territory that touches your soul and departs a sense of the beginning- archaic.  Plains meld into swamps, to woodlands, to grasslands, to riverine forests, and to kopjes.  Diverse habitats supporting a rich array all things wild and wonderful. 

Just south of the equator and a bit east of the meridian it shares its boundaries with Tanzania and Kenya, stretching for more than 30 000 km², one of the Seven Wonders of Africa and home to the greatest terrestrial migration on Earth. 

If the Serengeti and all its splendour is not on your bucket list, it should be!!!

Sun, Jan 17, 2016

One of my favourites – Elephants

Gentle giants, well, kinda…. they tend to be a little moody and are known to charge when you get too close.  You know what I mean.  For the most part they amble about the Serengeti looking for tasty trees and grasses, happily going about their business. They are highly social, very protective of their young, kick frisky male teenagers out of the herd and led by all powerful matriarchs…sound familiar?  There is a close resemblance to my family structure! 

They are the largest terrestrial mammals, bulls weighing over 6 tons and measuring in excess of 4m in height.  The African elephant is part of a clade/family tree (Peanungulata), with relatives including sea cows and hyraxes; odd, I know, however there is no arguing with genetic evidence.  Now I know why hyraxes around camp have such big personalities – it’s in their genes!

Elephants are highly intelligent and considered on a par with primates and cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises).  They have a complex vocabulary, some ‘words’ audible and others inaudible (infrasound/low frequency) which is also ‘transmitted’ through the ground and sensed at great distances through their feet.  Go figure…. Elephant feet are soft, padded and highly sensitive, which not only facilitates communication but also gives them the uncanny ability to sneak around the bush – I have had a herd of 30 walk by the office and if I not seen them I would not have known they were there.

I love them, being spoilt at this time of year as there are plenty of them around due to an abundance of food and water.  If you are on your way to Lamai look forward to being bewildered – their presence is overwhelming, especially if you find yourself in a middle of a herd while on a game drive.

Mon, Jan 4, 2016

The New Year


Another year has passed and the New Year is upon us, and a glorious one it is going to be!  If this New Year’s morning sunrise is anything to go by….

The festive season at Lamai was memorable and will be remembered fondly.  Christmas was busier than expected due to a last minute booking, seems some guests were delayed and had to land at our airstrip before dark – their destination was a bit further, but timing/lack of light did not allow them an opportunity to continue as planned.  We welcomed them at Lamai and they joined the rest of the camp for a delicious turkey dinner – Christmas crackers, party hats and presents galore.  We had fun.

New Year celebrations were a cosy dinner with a fire crackling in the background – food, wine and great company.  It was a family affair so nothing too raucous.  That said, we went to bed with sounds of lions roaring and hyenas laughing in our ears, seems they were having their own party.

These photos are a mere glimpse of the marvellous time had by all. 

I trust you had as festive a time as all of us, wishing you all well and the best for 2016.  If you are planning a trip to Lamai we can’t wait to see you.

All the Best in this New Year 

The Lamai Team 

Tue, Dec 22, 2015

Season’s Greetings

The festive season is upon us and we are having fun!  Even the wildlife seems to sense something is up, everything seems so alive and content – a welcome by-product of plentiful food and water.

Game drives, walking safaris’, sundowners and bush picnics are on the menu, and even a surprise visit from the Kuria dancers – a local tribe that stop by every now and again to entertain us and add to the African ambiance.  Evenings are spent around the fire sharing wondrous stories of the day’s sightings as lightning sparks like fireworks lighting up the savannah and thunder roars in the background, Africa at its best!!

There is something magical about being ‘lost’ in the wild and untouched Serengeti, completely isolated from the stresses of modern life, it gets into your blood and will always be with you.

We hope you enjoy some of these captured moments and remember your fabulous time with us at this special time of year.

We miss you all!!

The Lamai Team.

Fri, Nov 27, 2015

The birds and the bees

The short rains are upon us and the Northern Serengeti is alive. The brown has turned green, which means lots of food and water for all.

Logically, when times are good one is inclined to relax and enjoy the moments. All too true in the animal kingdom – babies are everywhere and it seems the ‘birds and the bees’ have been busy. We have seen some pretty extraordinary sights over the last couple of weeks. 

Traditionally this is a quieter time of year, however the little secret is that a safari in the low season is just as good as peak season, perhaps even better…We love it simply because fauna and flora abound and there are far fewer safari vehicles in the park, it’s like your own little private piece of paradise. 

This year some wildebeest seem to have given up with migrating south, choosing to stay behind and enjoy nature’s bounty. Good for us! Camp is busy - with wildlife - and guests are returning from game drives with wide-eyed wonder, often seeing all of the big five.


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