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If you were to visit only one place in the Serengeti, it should be here.

The story of a rock kopje in the northern Serengeti, and daily life in the Serengeti's best new camp hidden within it.

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Wed, Jul 2, 2014

A pretty little raptor

While driving through a clump of acacia woodland last week, we came across this tiny bird of prey. The very beautiful Pygmy Falcon.

I spent a number of weeks in the Kalahari searching for this little bird (amongst others), they set up nests in the enormous Sociable Weaver nests down there.

Here in the Serengeti they also favor squatting but the "land lord" species of choice is the white headed buffalo weaver.

This is an adult female, you can tell by the chestnut brown patch on her back - absent in males.

Mon, Jun 23, 2014

Scintillating Silhouettes

There are times when that long awaited sighting of the tour comes in the fading light of sunset.

On our way home after a glass of wine at the Mara River (it's a dog's life - I know!) my eye was caught by the outline of a leopard.

This female is familiar, quite dark in her paterning and favouring a small kopjie close to the river as her vantage point.

She turned her head, somewhat nonchalantly, to face our aproaching car.

Then, conveniently, she chose an even better posing spot, the result is really striking. 

Thu, Jun 19, 2014

A Big Day at Lamai Serengeti

Huge congratulations to Karl Fredrik and Johanna Granlund, married on the big rocks of Lamai on 15th of June 2014.

Our very best wishes for your future togther - it was a fantastic day that none of us will forget!!

with love from Nic, Jana and the Lamai Serengeti Team


Tue, Jun 10, 2014

Just in case any of you were wondering how that whole “Giraffe reproduction thing” pans out…..

Howdy Blog followers,

I'm not going to pass much comment here - the ice may still be a little thin from the maintenance blog and there is really no need for us to sail quite so close to the wind.

None the less, this is a spectacle worth sharing.

We found the pair, statuesque in front of Lamai private camp. 

A hesitant young male and an infinately patient female.

We stopped the car at a respectful distance and decided to wait it out.  

The intended target that afternoon was leopard we had heard calling in the area but this seemed like blog fodder to good to miss and a camp manager must learn patience.

ONE HOUR LATER!! Still no sucess.

There was a gentle repetative thud as my head hit the steering wheel of our land cruiser and Jana's exhalations were sounding, uncharacteristicly, like sighs.

It was frustrating for us, what a nightmare for the Giraffe!

And then......

If the coupling was a complete success then in fourteen to fifteen months we will have a new arrival in the neighbourhood.

The baby will suckle for up to a year by which time he/she will already be ten feet tall!!

We'll keep you posted.

Sat, May 24, 2014

Renovate good times come on!!! Doopy Doopy Doop - It’s a RENOVATION

Hello Lamai friends, guests and countrymen!!

Don't panic but we're back in the bush and we're frantically knocking stuff down and building stuff up again.

There is gratuitous use of tractors and I've taken the opportunity to finally squeeze some tractor photographs into the blog - who doesn't love tractors? 

Exactly - nobody!!

We are planning on removing this before you all arrive this season.

Check below for the resulting shiny new pool deck, whooop!

Mzee Apaeli - sweeping said pool deck with a big smile.

Doing his best Dick Van Dyke impression - What can I say... he just digs Mary Poppins!

The star of the off season show below - introducing Mr Kennedy HEAD OF MAINTENANCE (red T-shirt)!

He's currently extending the dining deck at the front of our "mess" (that is more an accurate description than a military expression at the moment!).

The extension will allow the waiter team to spend the season dancing around the tables with out falling off the edge.... and here they all are below, just look at how happy they are about it.

****Note to the upper management types, you'll notice they are NOT sloshing wood finish all over their shiny new uniforms, we have this thing overalled and covered, taped up and corked!****

Here I am below, playing hang man with myself so as not to get under the six very busy feet of Jana, Yahaya and Kennedy. 

Ha Ha, only Joking....... I'm playing Naughts and Crosses.

*****Note to my boss - I promise to be once again clean shaven with a tucked in shirt when our guests arrive****

Roof repairs - in terms of the view this is the best job in the Serengeti.

****Note to those involved, you know who you are, please don't tell Jo (beloved interiors lady and the creative mind behind Lamai) that we climbed on the roof like this - she said it was a bad idea.****

****Note to Jo, if your reading this firstly, wow thanks for reading the blog that's really cool, and secondly we're sorry we climbed on the roof like this - but it turned out great and nobody fell through or destroyed anything!!****

......and finally for those of you about to un - subscribe due to the outragous beginning of season maintenance blog with it's lack of fuzzzy, furry, wet noseyness ......Drum Roll Please....

Our mongooses had babies!!! Again!!!

I found them scurrying around underneath the office this morning - Ahhhhhh sweeeeeeet!


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