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International Waterbird Census

24 January 2019

On the 12th and 13th of January this year, we were privileged to be a part of the International Waterbird Census.

Started in 1967, the census hopes to monitor Waterbird populations, identify wetlands of international importance and assist in protecting and managing Waterbird populations around the globe. The census takes place every year in over 100 countries, with participation of over 15,000 counters, most of whom are volunteers. Why count waterbirds? Simple, waterbirds are well known indicators of the quality of certain types of wetlands, and a lack of water birds in a specific area, could indicate a deeper, underlying environmental issue.

(Our team, prepared and ready for the count).

(We focused our count along the Mara and Bologonja Rivers)

(Yes we have time for goofy group shots too, such a great team building event)

I am so proud of what the team accomplished; 425 waterbirds counted, covering a total of 25 different species. Information like this is crucial and I can’t thank the team enough for making it possible!

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