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Three times the charm

07 February 2019

It was a day like any other, our car slowly rumbling onwards. We had already seen quite a number of birds on the way, but were rather hoping to get a glimpse of rhino. Then as we drew into a new area, a few kilometres head we glimpse 3 large animals, we crept forwards not quite sure yet what they were.

As we got closer, we realised that we were looking at 3 Rhino!

As we moved passed the herd of Topi and Zebra, they came into clearer sight.

Mama Julie was in front, a well known resident Rhino. She has lived here for many years and guests are often getting lucky with sightings of her.

Normally when guests see Mama Julie, she is with her youngest calf (who is actually quite big). Although today, she was with two calfs. This is her eldest calf, and she was born without ears.

Her youngest is a spitting image of her mother.

When we saw then, they were all gazing peacefully in the open plains. Such a sight to behold.

The youngest calf started to get jealous that her elder sibling was around, and on a few occasions, tried to force her away.

Mama Julie didn't mind, and she kept on grazing.

The eldest was adamant on staying together.

As they slowly walked away, she was right at her mothers' heels.

Such a wonderful outing, and I can't wait to catch up with them again.

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