Life changing experiences at Sand Rivers

We maintain our childlike sense of awe and enthusiasm in this reserve, veering from high octane adventuring to total relaxation.


Nights out under the stars from our little patch of paradise in Nyerere. This is the most complete expression of how Nomad relates to the wilderness. If you really want to connect with the African bush, just put yourself right out there. Strip away all but the basic necessities to get you as close to the African wilderness as you'll ever want to be.

Walking wild

One of our safari holy grails is to see, and not be seen. The way to do this on foot is to stay hidden, and walk ourselves into a good position; vegetation fringed rivers and floodplains are the perfect cover. At some point, we’ll emerge out into a clearing, a secret world. There’ll always be something surprising there.


We beat upstream by boat, dodging hippopotami; on the way back we just let the current spiral us back to the lodge, as Africa drifts by. In secluded floodplains, we see elephant herds, and shining flocks of great white pelicans. Back at the riverbanks, a spot of barefoot tiger-fishing in the shallows is in order.


Some safaris can be predictable, even routine. Not with us, not ever. Over the years in Nyerere, we’ve figured out that such a diverse ecology gives us so many ways to enjoy the bush. Lying on sandbars watching eagles, tracing sand rivers, holing up in tree-top hides, creeping up on grunting hippos.

Southern Tanzania safaris

This is all about experience. A safari spent in the game rich plains of Ruaha, and the endless wilderness of Nyerere, the south is hard to beat.


K. Paul

Review for sand-rivers

Best Safari Starting Point

Perfect place in Nyrere for relaxing and starting point for safari. Best view to observe Hippos

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K. Clark

Review for sand-rivers

Wonderful Stay at Sand River

A Wonderful stay at Sand River !
warm & attentive team , comfortable & quiet accommodations , great food, beautiful river location and interesting animals and birds
I highly recommend this Nomad camp !

B. Richter

Review for sand-rivers

Fantastic Experience

Fantastic experience. Loved every minute. Great staff, wonderful guide, Hussein, spectacular food.

C. Ward

Review for sand-rivers

Fantastic Camp, Beautiful Scenery

A fantastic camp, beautiful scenery and good wildlife sightings. The rooms are stunning, the staff service is amazing; they all truly look after you and nothing is too much trouble, they think of everything. We would definitely recommend and will be back.

"N. Hok"

Review for sand-rivers

Magical Experience

Such a magical experience. I have been on safari before and traveled a lot (both on a budget and luxury) - this was truly extraordinary and magical and the best by a considerable margin.

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D. Crew

Review for sand-rivers

Great Nomad Experience

Really great as you would expect from. nomad! We were sorry we could not get into the Serengeti camp. I liked the old logo though

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