I am so Thirsty right now!  Too bad there's a hippo in there. 


Listen Girlfriend, we are lions.  L-I-O-N-S.  I'm thirsty.  Let's do this.




Aaah!  That's good.  Being lions is so awesome!



Pardonnez-moi?  You did not just try to drink from my pool...



I believe the title is, King of the Jungle.  This is a waterhole.



We may be L-I-O-N-S, miss spelling bee, but that is an H-I-P-P-O, so let's go!



I'm right behind you!  Just go!



This is soooo embarrassing!



I stand by what I said before.  We are lions, girlfriend.  We tell no one about this.  No one!



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