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Making the most of your stay at Entamanu

13 April 2023

Visiting Entamanu Ngorongoro means more than just checking in and checking out either side of your Crater visit. Understanding the rhythms of the day allows you to slow down and make the most of our incredible location.

Perched on the north-eastern rim of the Ngorongoro Crater, Entamanu surely counts as one of the most unique locations on the planet. Sitting on your veranda you have a grandstand view of the 11-mile wide Crater rim with its wide open vistas and roiling cloud formations. Giraffe, elephant and maasai cattle frequent the rim close to camp, while eagles, hawks and falcons cruise the updrafts. And by looking out of the back of camp you’ll be rewarded with dizzying views down into the Southern Serengeti.

So with all this on your doorstep it would be a crying shame to miss any of it. And this is why we think it’s worth planning your visit to Entamanu, not just around your all-important visit to the Crater floor, but also to be able to soak up the atmosphere in and around camp.

Here are three tips on how to do it:

  1. Get there for lunch: Firstly, be sure to time your arrival for lunch. This is easily achievable from Arusha, Manyara or Tarangire. And there’s no greater contrast to the bumps and dust of the drive than a leisurely lunch in the serene dining room at Entamanu. Delicious home cooked food with locally sourced ingredients, followed by a short snooze and an evening walk.
  2. Get going early. When you visit the crater, get going early, don’t try to fit it in on your first afternoon. Entamanu is the closest lodge to the Seneto descent road, so don’t squander your advantage – get going at crack of dawn and you may be lucky enough to have the crater to yourself for a few precious moments if you get to the front of the queue.
  3. Stay longer. 2 nights at Entamanu is the absolute minimum, provided you follow 1) above, but remember this just gives you one full day. If you can manage it, we recommend 3 nights / 2 days to ensure you see and experience everything on offer here.

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