A great start to the new season


Our first guests depart today and it’s been a fantastic 3 days.

The evening boat cruise was definitely the popular activity.


Glen Schoefield kindly donated some of his wonderful Chimpanzee and sunset shots.

 The perfect way to finish the day!


 As the sun sinks into the Congo.


Every one managed to see the Chimpanzee’s although only on the first day’s trek.


I was very happy to see that Kalunde (the King maker) still looking strong and healthy.



 I wonder what he is thinking?







The King maker takes a break.



 Damn ants!


He has quite a famous reputation in Mahale. Now 48 years old (10 years older than any other male) Kalunde is usually the brains behind most successful alliances challenging for Alpha male. He is well respected by the other Chimpanzee’s and still gets his way with the girls.

Thanks Glen for the great photos.

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