Chimp Murder in Mahale


Pimu lost his Alpha male position in the Mahale community this morning and his life.


Our guides and guests watched what can only be described as a vicious gang assault by the male Chimpanzees on their leader.



It started peacefully with Primus grooming Pimu. Suddenly Pimu turned and bit Primus and the fight started.



Effie and Vera tried desperately to separate the two big male Chimps. Vera’s baby was hanging on during the struggle.



Primus broke free and started calling for help, Chimpanzees came running from all directions and the assault on the alpha male commenced.



Alofu and Primus led the assault and only two Male Chimps, Fanana and Darwin, sided with Pimu the Alpha. Alofu charged at Fanana and Darwin, Alofu knocking them back. Fanana then sided with the rest of the males.



Kalunde the King maker, asked permission from Alofu then charged into Pimu biting and pounding him with his teeth and arms.



Pimu was left unable to defend himself. Finally the beatings ended and Pimu was left severely wounded, no longer the Alpha male, no longer the leader. Not long after he passed away.


At this stage it is unclear who will be the new Alpha, will it be Primus, young and strong, or Alofu the older wiser Chimp. The coming days will tell.


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