Greystoke Mahale

The Original Mahale Camp

Greystoke Mahale is nestled on a white sand beach in Lake Tanganyika. Towering behind the lodge are the Mahale Mountains, home to one of the largest known populations of wild Chimpanzees left on our planet.

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Tue, Sep 9, 2014

Political shenanigans amongst the Mahale Alpha males

The males of M-community rise and fall from power regularly. Threatening displays, dominance of others and shows of strength are important parts of each day in the forest here. Only the strongest will survive. High ranking males have privilages over food and mating rights, strengthening them further. Lately we've witnessed Darwin lose his number three position. It could be temporary but we will see in time. Orion, previous number 4 seems to have risen to Darwin's former number 3 spot. Michio, still a teenager has been in on the action and Darwin has retreated lately after several beatings, choosing to stay well out of the way of the younger rivals. Also in the forest lately we've witnessed Primus playing with a group of youngsters, showing his softer side and presence of a heart. Alofu, (number 2) and Primus spend time grooming and showing respect to one another. They realise the threat from the youngsters rising to full strength. An alliance is vital to maintain order and to ensure the safety and preservation of all community members for a calm existance with a responsible, experienced leadership.

Alpha male Primus grooms Alofu, current number 2

The famous Mahale Handshake in action

Carter takes a drink from the Lubulungu river

Alofu, how long will he retain his number 2 ranking  with the youngsters growing stronger?

Fri, Jul 11, 2014

A wave of generosity on lake Tanganyika

Several groups have brought into Greystoke vital medicines for our local community lately. It has been good news for Nurse Elizabeth and the many patients she attends to.

Pack for a Purpose gave good advice to Nowela and Peter from the UK who came out with some baby clothes and accessories.

Don and Ellie of San Francisco with their 3 children had an amazing day handing over a whopping 35kg worth of medicine to the clinic and finishing off with a school tour and game of soccer with the local children. Ann and Russ went along as Ann was a nurse in a previous life and Russ was a lawyer with a pharmaceutical company so both wanted an insight to local facilities and forms of treatment.

Then we had Susan and her daughter whose package of antibiotics and syringes had been prepared by Doctors Without Borders and translated into Kiswahili.


Hassan and our guides take great pleasure showing guests around in Katumbi and sharing its inhabitant’s daily lives which people find to be very rewarding and eye-opening.

Nomad would like to thank all of these guests for their considerate contributions and for taking time away from our comfortable camp to see the reality of life here on the shores of Lake Tanganyika.

Wed, Jun 4, 2014

Altogether now!

Yesterday Gwekulo was re-united with the wet stuff that makes up Lake Tanganyika. We recruited anybody who happened to be near the Mahale mountains at the time to help in the effort to re-float her. It is comforting to know how many people you can summon in times of need here.
Once more she sits safely moored off the front of camp, dignified as the old lady she is, with her still lovely curves ready for a season of hard work and fun excursions.

Naturally BigBird was nearby making sure all involved pulled their weight.

Tue, May 27, 2014

Pelican Brief-ly

Since staff here and guests combined got our large feathered friend airborne last season, our main focus here for the new season when we aren't ensuring guests are happy is to get BigBird catching his own fish.

We are trying various methods to awaken his natural instincts once more, such as...

Posing as a fish in the water, throwing semi alive fish in his direction, taking him on the kayak to the best fishing grounds and talking him through watching bird activity on the water as a sign of a shoal.

He seems a bit too bouyant to dive effectively so I am considering a weight belt? Here are a few pics of progress so far.

Fri, May 23, 2014

Back to business

Greystoke managers Kerrie and Jeff were flown back to camp a few days ago in a very old plane. With Captain John at the controls we touched down smoothly but dramatically over the mountains into Katumbi airstrip.

We are extremely happy to be back in our tent at the far end of the beach and eating fresh sushimi once more and communing with our hairy brothers and sisters the chimps who soon came by the back of camp to say hi. They have been nearby the last couple of days and seem in good form. Primus looks to be still in charge and throwing his weight around as usual.

We found a large mature looking Great White Pelican still resident on the beach who quickly flew down from his perch on the roof to greet us with open and very wide wings.

3 warthogs shuffled and snorted through the back of camp this morning and are in good condition also.

Woodchips and oil continue to fly in all directions as renovations to all buildings goes ahead at an alarming rate. They are looking fantastic and will be ready to receive our first guests on the 2nd June.


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