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Keeping the Nomad wheels on for 20 years

19 December 2022

As so often in life, it’s the people in the background that really keep the show on the road

Germana has been part of the Nomad family for two decades – virtually her whole working life. The very first office employee of Nomad Safari Guides (which became our Serengeti Safari Camp and northern guiding operation), she had the unenviable task of trying to bring accounts and operations to heel, and apply some sort of organized system. Today she remains an island of cool in what can be a pretty frenetic environment – calmly overseeing all the kit that camps and guides need each season, keeping suppliers in line and somehow knowing which type of place mat should be sent to which camp and which artisan makes it. In a country where there’s no one-stop shop, coordinating all this and keeping all the balls in the air is no mean feat. Germana somehow also manages to be a dedicated mother to four children, the eldest of which is planning to be a Doctor.

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