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Nomad Tanzania was one of the first companies to offer mobile safaris in the Serengeti for those intrepid travellers who wanted as guaranteed chance of being as close to the wildebeest migration as possible. Years later, we're still out there doing it every day. Our Nomad Guides, many of who have been with us since the very beginning, are in the midst of the Serengeti action every day, and here are some of their reports hot off the press!

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Mon, Jan 22, 2018

Shouldn’t be long now…

No calves yet, but it shouldn't be long before we see some around.

Lots of big bellies among the wildebeest and we are all on standby  to see when the first calves will make an appearance. 

Some inside info on these mamas-to-be, unlike humans, wildebeest don’t really have a due date and are a little more in control of this feat of nature. Wildebeest usually wait until there is a good amount of rain around which ensures more grass and minerals that are crucial for the lactating mothers. But as is often the case in nature, it is a delicate balance and too much rain could put the wildebeest off from giving birth too early, as the mud and floods would be a risk to their new born calves. The expectant wildebeests avoid stagnant places, and too much mud which can cause bacterial infection in hooves of them and their little ones. The ideal birthing spots are areas with hard ground, like the Lemuta Hills and Gol Mountains and Nogorongoro highlands.

Wed, Jan 17, 2018

Wild dog sightings in Serengeti

Between Kusini and Ndutu, on the way to Kakesio - southern Serengeti, there have been some new wild dog sightings. This is unusual for the area, ever since one of the bigger packs who used to reside there was involved in a conflict with the Maasai some years back, it had been very rare to see wild dogs. So we are all very excited about this as it may mean there is a new pack around and they are setting up home in the area. We will keep you updated.

Sat, Jan 13, 2018


Maswa is under water, with lots of flooded patches and you would be pushed to get there, so just beware. Us two legged creatures may not be able to access the area for the time being, but the cats have moved in and are taking the chance to make the most of the wildebeest feeding on the lush grass around. 

Mon, Jan 1, 2018

Ndutu rains are here

The rains are getting heavy and bringing in more of the wildebeest from the hidden valley to the big marsh. They are spread out feeding on the fresh grass in the area. 

Sun, Dec 10, 2017

Competition in Ndutu

Quick update with some action from the Serengeti. One of my fellow Northern Guides Ali Kea came across a rather unusual sight with some Nomad guests the other week in Ndutu. A leopard had killed a cheetah and pulled his kill up a tree. It was somewhat more unusual as this leopard typically only prey on cheetah in order to minimise the competition around, but in this particular incident the leopard was actually eating his cheetah kill.


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