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100 students in camps...

02 October 2022

.... don't worry not all at the same time. So far this year we have had over 100 students out on safaris across tanzania, and into our Nomad camps.

These trips are a great inspiration for students from villages experiencing the challenges of living alongside wildlife. North South and West, the issues are largely the same, families on the periphery of the parks have to deal with the constant threat to their livelihoods from the elephants who raid their farms at night, to the lions who attack their cattle, as well as the risks for children walking to school or fetching water. It is through 'student safaris' that we try to educate youth on wildlife behaviour, developing an understanding of animal behaviour so that children can be better equipped to avoid risks, and also understand the amazing qualities these creatures have too. We hope that these future generations will be ambassadors for co-existence, and local conservation efforts.

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