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22 wild dog kill impala in Kuro Tarangire

22 September 2014

Emmanuel Njawa, current manager at Kuro Tarangire just sent this fabulous account of the weekend's excitement in camp...

"We woke up early this morning trying to clean the mess created by honey badgers who raided us in the night, and from the staff camp side, a male impala came full speed with 22 wild dogs in hot pursuit. They made the kill two metres right of the mess.

We woke our wageni (guests) to see the episode and then some of the painted wolves moved away after they had eaten. We didn't know there was one dog still wondering around who flushed a reed buck and began to chase it . The reed buck ran into the mess, was flushed out by the dog, ran to tent number 4 where we were standing and stopped, and of course the dog had to stop too as we were there (not intentionally but to watch the drama). The buck was thus saved."

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