3 out of 5

20 March 2012

There is need for a little resume. It’s just over mid March now and we’re heading for the end of Lamai Serengeti’s first season. As it appears, for some reason, there seems to be a little hesitation over ‘green season period’ bookings, or better said visits close to the ‘end of the season’. Guests seem to think twice to visit an area that falls out of the migration madness for this part of the year.

Now let us tell you a valuable secret...

Anywhere outside the high season – generally lasting roughly between June and November – the areas around Lamai Serengeti turn blissfully silent. With visitors, that is. As fires compete with short thunderstorms to make way for fresh grazing in the North, most of the attention for the eco system shifts south.

As nature leaves us an area so pristine and so filled with safari essentials, anyone who makes the effort this time around will feel highly rewarded. Back to its strong roots of being an off the beaten track region, adventure and rewards are awaiting the ones that do make their way.

An area covering roughly a fifth of the national park out there, practically undiscovered by anyone. See the reward already?!

Ok! Back to game viewing mid-March. Another afternoon venturing into the surroundings, and within the space of 1hr 30 mins we had come across Rhino, Elephant and Buffalo – 3 of the Big Five. Not that we were chasing the 5, but realizing the quality of our sightings, this was yet another proof of the finest safari areas. All the time we were with them – alone.

If landscapes, skies and animals are your cup of tea, this is the place and time to visit!

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