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50 Shades

07 September 2016

We have a rather handsome and large male leopard who is often in camp, he has a reputation for being a ladies’ man and the guides have named him Nature. He is awe inspiring and takes my breath away every time I see him – like when I am brushing my teeth in the morning and he happens to stroll by. Lamai lodge falls within his territory, as do a number of females, which are included in his harem. Our askaris/night watchmen caught Nature in our bar a few weeks ago, busy with one of his girlfriends…. Funny thing is there was a bottle of whiskey on the bar counter in the morning and I swear it was not there the night before? These photos depict the seductive wiles of a female intent on luring Nature into her bed/dust bowl, makes me think of ‘50 Shades….’. As you can see Nature was more than willing to cooperate.

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